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  1. Oh the irony here.....yes Biden is not as sharp as he used to be, but he is way smarter than Trump. Trump is really not a smart man (he's not stupid, just not as smart as he thinks he is), psychology proves this with hundred of examples, literally hundreds. But here are just a few: his constant use of the phrase "many people don't know this...." - because you're so smart - just state what you wanted to state, you don't have to say that people don't know what you are about to say low emotional IQ by attacking the press - just freaking answer the question and stop saying "it's a nasty question" and "you'll never make it" I literally could keep going for an hour, but I'm not here to list out all the traits that show Trump is not as smart as he thinks, just thought the irony with the funny Biden memes was worth mentioning. And, yes, I get that they are funny, I laughed. But way more Trump content to laugh at.
  2. Not jumping in this thread to fight, I just find whenever I fact check that it is my responsibility to respond with findings. First, you said "sole" but article says "much of the Pulp used to make N95 masks in the US comes from Canada, BC in particular". Second, check out this article: specifically: "The B.C. facility does not supply 3M or any other company with materials used to make N95 respirator masks...."
  3. I was going to snowcheck but due to Covid I am going to keep my powder dry. I worked in a fairly recession proof industry at a large public (medical) company and we are seeing sales decline. Reps cannot get into hospitals to sell; service cannot get in to fix/maintain equipment. Bonuses will still pay out (fiscal year ends today), but merit increases are on hold. Hiring freeze in place. I still may buy off the showroom in the fall, but just didn't want to commit with all the unknowns.
  4. Don't mean to be a jerk, but I see this far too often when I am riding so wanted to bring it up in hopes of making an impact. It seems like your crew is blocking the entire intersection in 3 of those pictures.
  5. I leave mine on a rack. Most of the places I go to in Quebec the racks are not far from the table. One exception might be Meekoos.
  6. Anybody have any ice buildup that prevented the shield from shutting/sealing tight? I also noticed ice build up that prevented the sun visor from going all the back into the heated garage.
  7. I bought the Uclear motion 6 this year and would not recommend them due to poor quality. The sound is very clear when communicating rider to rider, but there are too many bugs and complications with app and firmware.
  8. what did you mean by "sketchy" section of the short cut?
  9. I get the braces and screws, but I wonder why they added a zipper.
  10. Yup, I agree on the sides/back of the neck gator. Kind of makes you wonder what engineer/designer was thinking.
  11. I also hate that it came with the amber sun visor. On a sunny day no where near dark enough for my blue eyes. I just bought the smoke one and put it on. That was not as easy as the instructions indicate. Even found a video from BRP where he takes it off and says how easy it is. Sure it was easy coming off, but the video didn't show how to put the new one back in. It's obvious how, but it still wasn't easy. Pushing and pushing but could not pop it onto the pegs. Needless to say now I am in one of those moods again with this helmet.
  12. Here is what I found. When my sun visor fogged, I put it up and just like you after a few minutes I brought it down and it was still fogged. But it seemed that once it was back down the fog would quickly go away. I'm assuming the fog goes away from the heat of the shield. What is strange though is if that is truly the case, then why does it fog in the first place? I was wondering if the shield is fogging on both sides but when lifting it maybe the garage is only removing the fog on the side closest to your face, hence when you lower it the shield removes the fog from the front side???? Don't know, but I am mixed on this helmet. Want to like, then it only takes one small issue and I'm ticked off the rest of the day because I spent $600 on it. Then next day there are no issues and I love it. Rinse, repeat, etc.....
  13. Yes, forgot about the exchange rate, sorry! I never buy early anymore because I never know with the weather how much I will be riding. But even at $300 USD for annual pass I feel like this year they missed the high expectations they've been know for in the past.
  14. I have contacted them in the past via email with good success, however I asked them a question this year back before Christmas and haven’t gotten a response yet. Granted there’s essentially no snowmobiling to be done in Pennsylvania but it is only $45 a year to register a snowmobile. For $410 a year, personally, I expect quite a bit more from the governing body. Can’t believe that in 2 to 3 months they can’t respond to a simple email. Also frustrated that their iOS app is so horribly slow and buggy this year. On top of it all I was there two weeks ago and the trails were not like they used to be. I’ve been riding Quebec for over 20 years and was always amazed how they used to groom perfectly flat trails they didn’t even need grooming. I had so many bumps I thought I was in upstate New York on tug hill.