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  1. I stay at the comfort inn on the other end of town. Not too much sidewalk to ride to get to trail, maybe 2-3 blocks going from memory. Rooms were on the small side and not ideal for snowmobilers from a gear perspective, but we made it work. Parking not great either but again, we made it work. Breakfast was acceptable too. Gas station right next to it on the way to trail. I would definitely stay there again if I had to but would not be my first choice.
  2. Yeah, I get that locks don't stop everyone, but I always feel safer if there is an easier target than mine. So I keep trailer locked when sleds are inside and keys are in my room. Not everyone does that though. Always surprise at how many people just roll up to the hotel and shut sled off and walk into their room. I use these locks on the trailer and lock each side of both ramp doors. Not saying they can't be broken or picked, but again, I truly believe if your stuff is harder to get than they others in the lot, you are safer.
  3. Couple questions if anyone knows more details. Was trailer locked? If so, what type of locks and how were they compromised? Were keys in the sleds?
  4. Nobody gets ice build up that prevents the shield from closing completely? This would surprise me if no one else gets this as the moisture from your breath has to go somewhere; basic science actually. I get it aournd the shield where it seals off the inside compartment. I also get it around the hinge and by the end of the day it prevents me from using sun shield. And yes, my visor is working because one, I feel the heat, and two, when I do fog, which is often, it will dissipate with some time.
  5. Maybe Polio is a hoax too? I mean, I have never seen anyone with Polio in my life, must not even exist then. Children getting vaccinated everywhere for no reason. Hoax, lol! Polio Vaccine Effectiveness and Duration of Protection Vaccine Effectiveness Two doses of inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) are 90% effective or more against polio; three doses are 99% to 100% effective. A person is considered to be fully vaccinated if he or she has received: four doses of any combination of IPV and tOPV, or a primary series of at least three doses of IPV or trivalent oral poliovirus vaccine (tOPV) AND The last dose in either series should be given after 4 years of age and at least 6 months after the previous dose.
  6. I can't say I like mine. By later in the day I get so much ice that the shield doesn't shut tight. Plus, any bit of elevated breathing and it fogs. Forget about unplugging to go dig someone out.
  7. I realize one can't rationalize with your type, so let's just go with Covid was a scam. What was the reason then? A global scam just so Trump wouldn't get reelected?
  8. Nope, I go around placing my stickers all over the place because I think it's cool. Makes me feel like I'm the king of Quebec.
  9. No need to watch the news, I understand infectious disease.
  10. You seem to be so knowledgeable about infectious disease I think you should change professions. By the way, were did you get your Doctor of Medicine?
  11. So the democrats created this virus just because they don't like Trump? Serious question because I truly don't understand your post.
  12. Oh the irony here.....yes Biden is not as sharp as he used to be, but he is way smarter than Trump. Trump is really not a smart man (he's not stupid, just not as smart as he thinks he is), psychology proves this with hundred of examples, literally hundreds. But here are just a few: his constant use of the phrase "many people don't know this...." - because you're so smart - just state what you wanted to state, you don't have to say that people don't know what you are about to say low emotional IQ by attacking the press - just freaking answer the question and stop saying "it's a nasty question" and "you'll never make it" I literally could keep going for an hour, but I'm not here to list out all the traits that show Trump is not as smart as he thinks, just thought the irony with the funny Biden memes was worth mentioning. And, yes, I get that they are funny, I laughed. But way more Trump content to laugh at.
  13. Not jumping in this thread to fight, I just find whenever I fact check that it is my responsibility to respond with findings. First, you said "sole" but article says "much of the Pulp used to make N95 masks in the US comes from Canada, BC in particular". Second, check out this article: specifically: "The B.C. facility does not supply 3M or any other company with materials used to make N95 respirator masks...."
  14. I was going to snowcheck but due to Covid I am going to keep my powder dry. I worked in a fairly recession proof industry at a large public (medical) company and we are seeing sales decline. Reps cannot get into hospitals to sell; service cannot get in to fix/maintain equipment. Bonuses will still pay out (fiscal year ends today), but merit increases are on hold. Hiring freeze in place. I still may buy off the showroom in the fall, but just didn't want to commit with all the unknowns.