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  1. Was up in Mont Laurier last week and saw a red Yamaha down an embankment Monday 2/18 about 10 miles south of Saint Anne du Lac on trail 13. Didn’t look good. Anybody have any info?
  2. For those that use the itinerary function on the interactive map, I wondering if anyone has any feedback on how accurate the distances are? My gut, is that the map is lower than actual distance from point A to point B. Just a gut feeling and hard to prove, so wanted to see what others think. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Mid Range, appreciate the update. This years seems to be a lot more closures than past years and it's hard to find out info.
  4. Just curious, is it a funding issue or human resource issue. I've always been impressed with how FCMQ operates when compared to how snowmobiling is governed down here in the US.
  5. Anyone know if this red section on 324 is closed? Unlike some of the other trails that are closed this section does not pop up additional info if you click on it.
  6. Anybody know why 13 is closed west of Mt Laurier? Will it be open this season?
  7. First bought the app 2 seasons ago. Last season I realized you had to buy it again every year. I forget what was working that led me to reach out to support, but recall that it was support that told me I had to re-buy the app each year to get updates. In preparation for my trip in a few weeks I opened the app and noticed that is says season 18-19 and that grooming delay data is present. Does anybody know if you no longer need to buy the app every year? Anyone else that has used the app for a few years notice this? Thanks!
  8. Going to be riding from Val d'Or for 4 days next week. I have only limited knowledge of the area (passed through there a few times on travel trips and spent 4 days there about 20 years ago). When we spent 4 days doing day trips I only recall one of the loops (to Lac Faillon for lunch and back). I am looking for suggestions for good day trips. I have looked at the map and can easily make a loop based on mileage, but food and gas is the issue. It's not easy to plan a loop with a lunch stop around noon - 1:00). So if anyone can suggest good places to have lunch anywhere from 75 to 125 miles from Val d'Or (150-250 total daily mileage) it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Robert
  9. Been there a few times but not in close to 10 years. I recall reading something about not being able to wear your shoes/boots in the main lodge and wanted to see if anyone can clarify for me, so here are a specific question. If you are staying in one of the cabins and have already cleaned up for dinner, can you wearing your sneakers from the cabin to the main lodge? I've been thinking about this for some time and can't imagine, upon arrival, to have to take off my snowmobile boots and slip into slippers that many other sweaty feet have been in just to go to the front desk and get my room key. Or, after showering (I know it's not a real shower) and putting on clean socks to have put on used slippers. Can anyone provide some detail? Thanks!
  10. Carman, can you share an update on conditions after all the warm weather and rain?

  11. How long are you there for? I'm anxious for the conditions by the end of the week. Supposed to start my vacation on Saturday, but the weather is frustrating.