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  1. This is a situation where you wish the stuff you see in movies was real, like Liam Neeson finds this guy and puts a permanent stop to his cowardly behavior.
  2. As I was looking at my new sled I was struggling to find a good spot for my PA sticker and Quebec trail pass, so I am happy to have one less sticker on my sled. I was wondering if they would ever go to a ski slope style ticket that you put on your jacket, glove, etc... It will be nice one day when they implement technology to just scan either a QR code or RFID chip to check your pass.
  3. I found it! Also see that they no longer give stickers for 1, 3 or 7-day passes.
  4. Can anybody find the official (i.e. in writing) requirement for the trail pass sticker placement requirements. For example, here in PA, this is the requirement: Snowmobile owners will be issued two identical registration decals and two expiration stickers to be affixed to the machine. The two snowmobile registration decals shall be affixed to the snowmobile forward of the handlebars, one on each side of the cowling, or one on the outside of each trailing edge of the windshield. An expiration sticker shall be affixed to the immediate right of each registration decal.
  5. Anyone else notice the app seems to be very sluggish this year? Zooming in and out, panning to different areas, etc...., all seem very slow. Plus, why does the app still say 2018 (yes, I have the latest version/update installed)? To be honest, something seems different this year with the Federation. Last year I emailed them a few different times with questions and their response was very quick. Emailed them probably 3 to 4 weeks ago with a question and got no response. What furthers my suspicion is that there are still so many trails that are still closed on her interactive map. I have noticed trails have been groomed for weeks and are still showing red on the map.
  6. Anybody buying from the US know if you got charged the foreign transaction fee on their credit card? I switched to all cash for my trips to stop the 3% fee. I do two trips per winter, since I have the cash I can’t convince myself that the convince of using CC is worth 3% ($5000 in cash turns into $5150)
  7. "bowels", plates, and cooking utensils - yuck - lol
  8. I did not think to check out the other manufactures bibs. I did decide to go with the alterations by Klim. I wear Klim since 2009 and really like their gear, although I see that others are not so thrilled with them.
  9. Ah, that makes sense. And no, I never had a 1200, just 4 etecs and never opened the panels, that's why I had to ask. Sorry to hear about Peanut. We had to put down 2 cats in the last 2 years. Not easy.
  10. Just curious, why do you always open your side panels when you stop for a break?
  11. I haven’t been here since sometime around 2002-2004, but it was good back then.
  12. Thought I would let everyone know what I found out about Klim. Their regular inseam in women's bibs is 29". They do offer a short version which is 27" however not every size is available in the short length. For example the bib we want the short can only be gotten starting at medium and my wife is an XS. So if you're short but not super tiny they might have a bib that works for you. They also offer a hemming service. They are able to take off a maximum of 3", so that is what we did to end up with a 26" inseam. It is expensive though in my opinion: $155. Luckily my dealer is being gentle on me by discounting the bibs a decent amount to help offset the $155. Hope this info can help someone else.
  13. Anyone have suggestions on good bibs for short women? My wife is 4’ 11.5” (she always makes sure to include the half an inch). I wear and love Klim, but their XS bibs are 29” inseam. Looking for women specific bibs for easy trailside pitstops, LOL. Klim will shorted up to 3” but for $155.
  14. Wondering what communicators people are using? Please include manufacturer and model because as I’ve seen with Sena and Uclear there are many different models. Also could you include what helmet it’s on? I’m looking for new communicators for the oxygen helmet. Wife hasn’t been riding since mid 2000’s but is going to go this year. Back then we had Collett and they worked decent. Biggest complaints back then were sometimes my jacket collar would hit the speaker tube and activate the mic and getting the mic at the right location, I remember sometimes having to take my hand and push my helmet up in the front in order to talk.