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  1. Things are different up there for sure. Reminds me of my first trip up trying to order a chicken sandwich at the double quonset hut club. After trying to explain what I wanted, them shrugging a few times, them probably knowing and torturing the english speaking guy, I flapped my arms like a chicken. They laughed, said “oh poulette”….. and that was the golden handshake to getting lunch that day. Haha They spotted a rookie for sure. I still order chicken (or poutine) most times at lunch since its easy and less embarrassing than imitating a cow. 😂
  2. Took me several looks at the cams. Seemed like little change in snow. Just realized these cam views are captures and are from January 22. Doooh….. Got to wait for the App to fire up ! 🙂
  3. https://www.quebec511.info/en/Diffusion/EtatReseau/Camera.aspx?Type=1&Id=4000
  4. Good tip. No trails cams but some good perspective. Thanks. https://www.quebec511.info/en/Carte/Default.aspx
  5. Spent some time doing that last week. Nearly all Google links are broken or inactive cams. Would rock if the RDL club had a webcam at the club/groomer lot ! The airport cam (even when it works) doesnt tell us much. Maine has a few clubs with cams on trails. Quebec does everything so much better it was surprising to me I couldnt find one. I suppose the app will start to light up in spots before long anyway….
  6. Any webcams active near RDL ?
  7. Hoping to be there to sled over Christmas ! Come on snow ! Gonna have to eat downtown it sounds but gassed the bar is open at least.
  8. This is the news I need
  9. Great looking sled. Good luck !
  10. Any webcams in the Mt Valin area ? I need some inspiration.
  11. I cant wear bulky gloves. Dont like leather gloves or mittens at all. Everyones different. I find Cabelas Pinnacle Primoloft gloves to be a great blend of comfort and warmth while being both light and not restrictive. Ive had several pair over the years. I buy them end of season at 1/2 off. Come black, black/tan, black/gray. I get black/ tan since they are easiest to spot if I put them down. 😉 Additionally I keep both these items in my trunk bag. I use Coldguards most of the season to block wind. Also gauntlet but rarely, only in real extreme cold they cant be beat. I loan them out to others more than use them myself. Both go on/off in no time and take up barely any trunk space folding flat. No fun if your hands are frozen ! https://www.cabelas.com/shop/en/cabelas-pinnacle-gloves-for-men
  12. This is wonderful news ! Well deserved.
  13. Wow that sure looks tasty. Tell me thats dinner not lunch. Id sleep trailside if I ate that for lunch. 😂
  14. Really enjoyed all these pics. Thanks for uploading them! I have none the level of these but have my early season favorites I took Christmas day 2019 in Mt Valin and Baxter Park 2022 facing Katahdin.
  15. Never went there. Will need to put it on my list ! Do you have to ride much pavement to get there ? FYI….Lakeview wings are incredible as well…very solid...as are their beef loaded nachos.
  16. Some nice club trails up that way Mike ! Hope you have a ball. Wish I was there.
  17. Enjoying some amazing pictures. Keepem coming !
  18. Happy to be able to do it ! Look forward to giving it to them. Thanks Munson.
  19. There is a local Maine snowmobile club here Id love to buy this for. From a recent conversation I had with their trailmaster large areas they groom there is no cell service and the huge concern is the volunteers most somewhat older are in big trouble if they break down in a groomer with no contact especially at night. Walking out is nearly impossible for them. Munson please call or text me so I can buy this from you and donate it to their club. 207- 491- 0873 Mark
  20. Great reports ! Safe travels !
  21. Great report ! If your gas went a little quick its cuz I was riding every turn with you Jack. 😉
  22. Thankful the monkey is masked now. Hahaha !
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