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  1. I am furious at what that cop did. Life in jail no doubt. If I was a cop I would be twice as pissed at that cop. He put a black eye on even the great ones and put them all in harms way now when they needed it the least.
  2. Gaining a slight amount of confidence we can cross and sled come 1/1. No doubt the landscape of places to stop will be hurt badly but hoping to be able to come up to support the area.
  3. Fauci said it isn't effective ? OK. Isn't he the same person who advised to leave the borders from China to the US open end of January ? Didn't he say to us with such authority that masks weren't effective too ? And that China should be commended for their response to the virus and their virus control ? And spewed highly inaccurate death estimate models he backed that he repeatedly backed with vigor ? Just saying. This drug is not the silver bullet....but thats not the issue with it. Meantime, Its as good as anything we have in some cases. The problem: 1. It Cost pennies and is already very readily available. Big Pharma HATES that. They smear it. 2. Trump mentioned it, so the Never-Trumper further lost their minds and of course HATE it even if it cured cancer. We are all much much smarter now. The media will always show the handful of idiots. For us, Move forward smartly and carefully...but lets Flatten The Fear. Enough of the fear mongering, lies, and slanted hysteria on both sides of the issues. Americans are smart and practical people with the exception of our entrenched and hateful politicians. Enough with the hate. How about we hate China instead of drugs or other Americans that don't agree with our viewpoint ? This was Monday in my little town here in Maine. Thanks to my Dad and all our incredible veterans. Happy Memorial Day !
  4. Great idea. Almost worth the price...wow. Yeah, Id buy one of these overpriced devices for each of our sleds...if it worked perfect. Helpful real world info here at QR as always. Stay safe. Help to Flatten The Fear. See you guys in January !
  5. Only 36 Virus related hospitalized in entire state of Maine now. Great news. Only 5 people (the other 3 people are now recovered) currently listed as infected in the entire (huge) Aroostook County....Snowmobile Country. Thinking/hoping that the border is going to be open to sledding New Years ! Yes, Our fearless Maine Governor has even Aroostook County business extended in the shutdown last week....shut down for 4 more weeks. She cant tell the difference between the City of Portland (or NYC).... and Ft Kent.... apparently. So harmful. Hopefully there are restaurants and hotels up there left to go to this winter. New Brunswick is looking better by the week. Looking forward to summer getting here. Same time..Cant wait to ride again. 🙂
  6. Makes a lot of sense Mike ! Im feeling RDL will be good by January but who knows. This exercise will surely show how special RDL Universel is......Im afraid. Strictly for consistent riding with reasonable traffic Caribou then Milli are best from my experience. Jackman can get crazy IMO. Finding a nice hotel with good food is pretty limited anywhere in Maine as good as it is for sledding. Of course we are comparing it to Disneyland. (RDL Universel)
  7. Me too. I dont even want to think about it effecting sledding next season Mike. I think it will be well under control by then...and I hope !
  8. Id forgotten about that timely Speaker Of The House Press Release. I see why Nancy Pelosi has managed to stay in since the age of the dinosaurs. She is so objective and her judgement and foresight is impeccable. 😉
  9. Slimjim, Awesome info. It is fascinating to learn how some of this stuff works. My understanding (non expert !) is the complications with heart are mainly related to those long term users of the drug as well. They say there are many many patients on it for the Lupus/Malaria for several years and that risk is more of a long term user. A panacea it surely isn't. We all pray for that day for sure. I only know what I read secondhand unlike yourself, but what I get is obesity is many many more times the obstacle vs the drug. Did you see the “more death, no benefit” being reported caused by the drug in your patients ? Thanks again for sharing ! Mark
  10. Mike I wasn't aware your wife was working amongst this Chinese mess. Im sure at this point they are all taking great precautions to stay safe and we all are thinking of her and slimjim,MrsGT, and all the HC heroes working with it. It is scary. I wondered what your wife was doing while you are sledding ! Be so glad when COV-19 is over. If I was tested today and found to have COV-19 with no symptoms, Id ask my Dr immediately if symptoms eventually do occur...if they are on board with this the Hydoxy/Z Pak/Zinc drug combo. If they said no, Im telling them to get me another Dr that is on board in case I need help at some critical point. The key it seems is starting this combo early...and I’m not finding out they wont prescribe it when I am sick. Don't take much from the VA Hydroxychloriquine “study”. The “study” has Major flaws...and is far outweighed by several somewhat promising results. Dr’s are trained to believe less what they see short term on new drug treatments until it is heavily studied a very specific way and for years not weeks. In general this is great and necessary of course. Thank God for that. For this reason many have poo-poo’d the consistently promising news on this 3 drug combo. We dont have time for complete studies now since the war is here today. It’s not perfect but it is seems to be the best we have that has any safety testing/history that Dr’s insist on....and it has been used safely for Lupus and Malaria literally for decades. Suddenly it is a death sentence after millions of doses and decades of data ? Don't be surprised if we find out later those who died in this “study” also had multiple comorbidity challenges beyond the virus...or got it when it was last hope...that seriously effected that rate. Oddly, This “study” ’ đid not include the Zinc component either. Also, It hasn't even been peer reviewed. Thats a huge problem. There is some chance those facts are buried well down in the hundreds of articles written this week far below the huge sensational headlines on these new and horrible “findings”. It is remarkable how the press said the multiple “studies” that showed promise and some feel literally saved their lives the past month were “not valid”....and scoffed at....but this new one with only 368 people and no Zinc and no peer review yet either...is immediately taken as gospel and the end of all the promise. It is literally the headline of every paper and website in 1 day. It did save the life of someone I know. Seeing is believing here. Im no expert by far but it feels to me that somebody has a secondary agenda...but as they say with the media...don’t let facts (or lack of) get in the way of a good story. Stay safe....and buy that new sled dammit. 😉 Mark
  11. Best $25 I spend all season..... Thanks for all you do ckf.
  12. Starting to hear some good news last few days finally showing what we are doing is being effective. Grateful and hopeful and cautiously optimistic it is actually dying down soon. Thoughts and prayers to Boris Johnson and all effected by this mess worldwide. Brighter days ahead. No time for finger pointing here. (except toward China) Hang tough everyone ! Mark
  13. Huge Snowtracker fan here. 5 sleds in a row. Next one will have them before I ride it too.
  14. If I recorded that and looked back Id be ashamed. It would be my darkest secret and a wakeup call. These idiots figure it is cool or funny and share it. Scary stuff.
  15. Camera guy never saw the right side of the trail. Two wide. Total idiots ! Whatever happens to guys that ride like that, dont look for me to feel bad even if its deadly. I just hope it happens before they hurt one of us or a young family out for the day.
  16. Hoping this Malaria drug is a game changer.....
  17. Thanks for the updates. Trying to figure if its worth attempting to pull off a ride in Beauceville area Saturday. Fridays weather was snow and a mix here in Maine but looked like RDL/Gaspe got snow. Any word what this area got ?
  18. I had some type of RDL IPA there and it was great !
  19. All snow in RDL today or did it mix ?
  20. Great update. Looks like they escape the rain for the most part today and get some snow even. Pretty awesome. Wish it wasnt too far for just a weekend ride this time of year.
  21. Thanks ckf. Seems a lot better.
  22. Nobody out here lately ? Threatening one last run next weekend depending on what happens the next week.
  23. Like that common room Mike ! Great idea.