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  1. White Road Run

    Great run today from Havre St Pierre to Chevery a few issues to deal with but we’re here
  2. White Road Run

    Northbound that was definitely us. Trailblazer was in the lead
  3. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Thanks groomer looks like mother nature did not hurt us too bad Merci pour de la report
  4. White Road late Feb?!!

    you should be good to go Rodmax, we will be leaving Forestville 3/1 and headed that way likelihood will pass you in some direction safe trails 603
  5. 2019 ski-doo models released

    Quebec Bob give the Curve XS skis a try we have had all other simmons gen 1, 2 , 3 and slt, slp mowhawks, and these seem to work great on the Ski Doo Gen 4 chassis
  6. 4 Day Chibougamu adventure.

    Great write up, we enjoy this area a lot and enjoy the adventure off the beaten path
  7. Why do so few ride Cote Nord?

    I remember that spot
  8. Can't find the Delta??

    There is plenty of off trail available just make sure you carry fuel we have tons of miles off trail in valin
  9. Saint Zenon – Chibougamau Loop

    nice report thank you
  10. Trailblazer & friends

    I'd love to get 200 miles per liter of oil with my 850's but not even close if i get 125 I'm doing good, maybe my flipper????
  11. Why do so few ride Cote Nord?

    Did it last year all the way up the north shore into Labrador and loop thru Labrador then back down from Lab City to Forestville. Once you cross the Moisie River it's game on.
  12. Another great report thanks Alain
  13. St Ray to Saguenay

    You can make Mont Valin provided the weather cooperates, you could also stay in the valley Alma, Delta/Jonquiere, or Chicoutimi.
  14. Thanks for the detailed report Alain, looks great!
  15. Pelchat trail to Les Escoumins or Forestville

    just carry an extra 4 gallon can and you will be all set