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  1. Mt Valin looking good

    Well it's the last day of the trip, time to go rip off a final 250 miles, another 1-2" of snow overnight
  2. Mt Valin looking good

    Nice new snow in the last 24 hours
  3. Mt Valin looking good

    Loving the new 850 Freeride Xtreme s 38 out of breaking mode and almost 800 miles so far, we have been lapping up some petrol though!
  4. Mt Valin looking good

    Another 235 miles today of great riding North West of KM 31
  5. The Last Ride

    Great late season riding thank you
  6. St-Maurice river video

    Nice video Alain, we were there 2 months ago and it looked the same nice long season viva de la motoneige!!
  7. 2017 RDL Conditions

    Ice ripper definitely the way to go, seen too many single ply tracks throw studs thru the exchanger
  8. Power lines

    It is definitely doable, I have been in a ways from both ends but not connected all the way thru. I do know there are areas that you will have to get off the power line and go around due to geography. Plan on going with a couple of sleds, you will want something long track minimum 2" lug, pack spare fuel, shovel, a saw to cut limbs/trees, some food, matches, axe, gps's. Now is the time to do it with longer days, warmer temps and the snow set up more. Good luck be careful.
  9. Cote Nord and Lab loop

    Churchill Falls tonight from goose bay not any groomed or broken trail here
  10. Cote Nord and Lab loop

    Revct1, This trip definitely looks easier in pictures than in person, I can personally attest to this. This trip must be taken with extreme caution as there are vast stretches between fuel and help. Also many challenges with sea ice shelfs and unpredictable weather. With the proper planning and supplies it can be done.
  11. Cote Nord and Lab loop

    1200 is in goose bay should be fixed in the am fingers crossed
  12. Cote Nord and Lab loop

    A couple more pics from today's journey
  13. Cote Nord and Lab loop

    Harrington Harbor Quebec this morning, it is actually an island we had to ride across the sea ice from the mainland to and from.
  14. Cote Nord and Lab loop

    Spectacular scenery from Chevery Quebec to L Anse au Clair Labrador
  15. Cote Nord and Lab loop

    To add to RR's post the scenery has been fantastic and the people warm and welcoming Wifi is slow some pics wil not upload will try later