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  1. Any idea how good the trails are between Quebec and Le Malbaie ?
  2. JohnnyB

    Gt 2018

    That wasn't us. Edmundston on the 24th of Feb was as close as I got. Have some friends in Gaspé now, one fellow has the same decal setup as us.
  3. JohnnyB

    Gt 2018

    I do recall that evening with you and Gemma quite well though. I was amazed at all the miles you two do ad a solo act. Very inspiring. You didn't meet my better half Trish though. We do a lot of riding together. We had finished up a northern New Brunswick tour with Craig and decided to extend our stay with a few days in Gaspie.
  4. JohnnyB

    Gt 2018

    Never met the iceman yet. It was supertrax decal. We are doing our media tour rides for them now. Snow Goer Canada went kaput. Was that 2013? You've got a way better memory than I do, I don't recall much. I have plenty of jet ski, sled stories thats for sure. Trish and I did a 600 mile jet ski trip in Tennessee last spring. It was fantastic! Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Nashville were the highlight towns along the Cumberland and Tennessee rivers.
  5. Hey Russ, Glad you had a good trip. Abitibi has an awesome network of trails, not much on the scenery front. If you need some pointers shoot me a msg. Safe travels
  6. Gas and food in st jean, 20 feet apart. Petit Saguenay had a nice bistro but don't recall gas. 383 from st jean north is a very pretty stretch of trail. 301 Is nice but twisty. 83 Is your super highway.
  7. Good times Bob, I think the secret is out on Cote Nord. I really liked the low traffic, spent a few days in Gaspie last week...its a busy place all week.
  8. Hey Russ for a diversion try Sacre Coeur, 5 star I think is the translation. A small game farm/zoo right on the trail. If your doing the ferry into Chalevoix make sure to experience at least one night at the Le Manoir Richilieu in Malbaie. Your wife will thank you.
  9. That's great, glad your enjoying the trip. I'll tell Trish her well job worked. We did a northern New Brunswick trip this season then on the back end went to Gaspie again. You should check out New Brunswick, very, very nice there.
  10. Hi Russ, we did this run a few years back it's a great one with minimal traffic. Try some of the local trails if you have a chance. Loop north of Forestville if I remember correctly was a favorite. Appreciate the fireball in Matane last year, Trish now packs it every trip. Enjoy, Johnny and Trish
  11. JohnnyB

    Gt 2018

    I wonder if that tanker I saw filling up at la cache stirred up any settled junk on the bottom. We had filled just before he arrived.
  12. JohnnyB

    Gt 2018

    Gt rider i think i met you years back at Le Bannik?? I was touring with the Intrepid Snowmobiler that week. Am I correct?
  13. JohnnyB

    Gt 2018

    The Sennas work great for rider, passenger situations. Very clear, no background noise. They are on all the time so if your mate talks to themselves you will hear all, coughs and sniffles also. BUTT if you ride in pairs or a group they fail big time. I had the evo20s, distance was about 150 yards and in the minus 25-30 the batteries failed in 2-3 hours. Sent them back for a full refund, thank Senna for that. I still use my chatterbox, great range but low on clarity as the speed picks up. At least we can communicate at a distance. Johnny and Trish
  14. JohnnyB

    Gt 2018

    We passed you on your way north to La Cache just before the road section. That was a terrific ride down the local trail all the way toward Nouvelle. We had no gas issues from our fill up. Ironically the gas truck arrived as we were leaving to fill their tanks. It was a busy place, many,many sleds. Just you and two others on the local trail south.
  15. So your gramps! It's been a great trip. Got to know a few new people. We had fun with you guys and gals. Thanks a bunch for the fireball, going to keep that in mind for the next trip. Cote Nord is a great trip, less traveled good scenery. If you need any tips shoot me a msg, I don't check on the forums much. P.S I was one of the tall guys in Craigs bunch, you gave my wife the fireball after dinner. Pleasure to meet you Russ and Pam. Johnny and Trish