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  1. How about an air mechanic? Leave all those tools home.
  2. I have the Klim bibs and jacket, I forget the model but it's the current good stuff. Definitely not an upgrade in warmth over my 10 year old stuff. Better in every other way. If you want to join the "men in black" community go Klim. the only FXR piece I own is a spiderman mask. It's my go to when the temps drop. It's the only one I have that holds it's shape. The rest of them move too much when putting on your helmet.
  3. Holy smokes, that sucker is bent! I would much rather bend that than a nun though. I have bent 2 nuns to date. Still running a tweaked one now.
  4. Meanwhile he must be maintaining a home somewhere, heating it, clearing the driveway, paying the bills, checking the mail, getting rid of the trash, keeping appointments, family obligations, ... not my idea of fun.
  5. Ship some oil to Windago, pick it up there?
  6. You would be wise to have a backup plan. If they can't get through the ice they are not going.
  7. Pretty hard to predict and bring the next part that is going to fail. If you could predict you would change it before you left. At some point I looked back on my history and asked myself what tools and other items that I tote all over creation did I actually use. Those that I did use got invited back. Most have already been mentioned. Also if you are in a group you don't need 4 pairs of vise grips, 4 ratchet straps, 4 tow ropes, etc. You can spread it out over everyone. Like a potluck dinner. Next, what are you really going to do out in the weather, to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair a malfunction? It's pretty hard in that environment. You will most likely limp it in or tow it.
  8. good idea on the tape, a few strips on the seat, a couple on the plastic, double sided on the windshield, they will leave it alone.
  9. Anybody noticing anything different on the new version 10.2? Seems like less streets in the background, trails look the same so far.
  10. Hey, I live 5 miles from that grass airport. Did you see the giant Scrapwood Dinosaur?
  11. what is the story with the rear bumper?
  12. I seldom haul fuel, but when I do I scavenge what ever I can find to do it. These empty Slush Puppy concentrate jugs happened to be available and were a perfect fit. I had the lemon lime, Chris had the cherry, Jeff had the blue stuff (high test). This became know as our slush fund.
  13. Looks like your risers are creating a "downstairs" storage area..gotta make use of that!