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  1. easyrider

    Quebec Ride this weekend

    All I can say is wow!
  2. easyrider

    GPS - Layouts and waypoints

    Anybody noticing anything different on the new version 10.2? Seems like less streets in the background, trails look the same so far.
  3. easyrider

    Whats everybody doing this summer?

    Hey, I live 5 miles from that grass airport. Did you see the giant Scrapwood Dinosaur?
  4. easyrider

    Summer Updates and Repairs

    what is the story with the rear bumper?
  5. easyrider

    Summer Updates and Repairs

    I seldom haul fuel, but when I do I scavenge what ever I can find to do it. These empty Slush Puppy concentrate jugs happened to be available and were a perfect fit. I had the lemon lime, Chris had the cherry, Jeff had the blue stuff (high test). This became know as our slush fund.
  6. easyrider

    Summer Updates and Repairs

    Here is how I did my basement
  7. easyrider

    Summer Updates and Repairs

    Looks like your risers are creating a "downstairs" storage area..gotta make use of that!
  8. easyrider

    Summer Updates and Repairs

    No marmalade in the picture this year? How do we know it's really you?
  9. easyrider

    Share a video of memories..

  10. easyrider

    Speed Limit 70 kmh (42 mph)

    A one size fits all speed limit is as ridiculous on the trail as it would be on the highway
  11. easyrider

    GPS - Layouts and waypoints

    That has happened to me before. Start over, you will get it right. Make sure your Garmin is up to date before you start. Like Markus says, use Basecamp to load your GPS.
  12. easyrider

    Ice’s new ride

    Hey I just ordered one of those seats for my skidoo. I hope they are nice, I have never even seen one.
  13. easyrider

    2100km Loop Guidance

    Can't imagine doing a ride that long, that early. Going to run in to brown ground west of roberval in those big fields.
  14. easyrider


    Just get a big enough screen so you can read it . If you need glasses to read you are going to want a big screen or you will be hauling out the specs every time you want a look see.