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  1. Summer Updates and Repairs

    No marmalade in the picture this year? How do we know it's really you?
  2. Share a video of memories..

  3. Speed Limit 70 kmh (42 mph)

    A one size fits all speed limit is as ridiculous on the trail as it would be on the highway
  4. GPS - Layouts and waypoints

    That has happened to me before. Start over, you will get it right. Make sure your Garmin is up to date before you start. Like Markus says, use Basecamp to load your GPS.
  5. Ice’s new ride

    Hey I just ordered one of those seats for my skidoo. I hope they are nice, I have never even seen one.
  6. 2100km Loop Guidance

    Can't imagine doing a ride that long, that early. Going to run in to brown ground west of roberval in those big fields.
  7. GPS

    Just get a big enough screen so you can read it . If you need glasses to read you are going to want a big screen or you will be hauling out the specs every time you want a look see.
  8. 10K miles: Service Suggestions

    Here is something nobody ever thinks about.. starter motor brushes. There ain't no other way to get a 4 stroke started. Did mine around 12,000.
  9. the one lane bridge is gone on TQ 83

    Those I beams could not have gone far.
  10. One more comment about fuel range, yes 120 to 140 miles is enough to get from stop to stop. We still reach a point of no return however, after say 70. Should something unfortunate occur that makes you wish to turn back, you can't. You may have to drive upwards of 30 more miles in the direction you no longer wish to travel in just to fuel up then head back. That said I almost never carry extra fuel. It has come back to bite me a couple of times.

    2797 for me. $200.00 all over the internet. Add an extended warranty and don't worry about the weather. Biggest screen period. I can't focus on the small ones anymore. Why pay double or more for half the size? 2 full seasons now without any trouble. As of now this unit doesn't owe me anything. Add Tilou Biscut for free and route yourself all over Quebec. A powered cradle is available from RAM, you will not have to mess with any cables once installed. Yes there is a USB connector on that but since you never have to undo it a little RTV will hold it permanently and weatherproof it. A little electrical tape over openings like the speaker, SD card slot, etc adds more weather resistance. Some people put a little RTV around the edges of the screen, that can be a weak spot. I think I will do that when the warranty runs out. I bring a ziplock bag for wet days, the touchscreen still works good through the bag. These units are a little more challenging to mount simply because of their size. At the end of the ride, I peel the tape off the speaker and it goes into the truck and routs me home. I never thought I would like a Nuvi on a sled, but for me being able to see the screen trumps a track log. I do miss my track log. For the first year I let the 60csx run right along side with the nuvi just for the log but lately the beloved 60 stays in the bag. The picture shows both units at the same resolution, centered on the exact same point. Look how much more map you get.
  12. I can't believe how good it still looks up there. Amazing.
  13. GPS - Layouts and waypoints

    Markus, Thanks for the link to the latest update, 9.01. You are a huge asset to the snowmobiling community.
  14. Looking for some good advice

    I'm running a Garmin 2797, this is the second year. It's the size of a tablet, 7" screen, perfect for my eyesight. I can finally read it without glasses. These units are around $200.00. Pretty cheap for a brand new unit. It's also very good in the truck. I never thought I would like a NUVI but I am very happy with it. They are a little bit harder to mount because they are heavy, and they are really meant for automobiles. All my trail maps work in it though. Expect to get creative mounting it to keep it from bouncing. A Zumo is going to cost twice as much, but can certainly do more with tracks, but it you don't take the time to learn how to use the features they can't help you. I loved my old 60CSX but I can't read it without glasses, so now it is for back up only. It boils down to how much you want to spend, and how much effort you want to put into mounting and learning the features. A good way to get started would be to get an entire second hand set up with maps and everything from someone that is upgrading. Once you have a GPS on you sled you won't ride without it.