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  1. The stuff memories are made of..... You will look back on this adventure in the future and chuckle with your buddies about it.
  2. Anywhere in Quebec good now?

    Go north of the St. Lawrence Seaway and you should be golden....
  3. Awesome !!! Thanks for the info.
  4. Triggerhappy.... how far west did you venture on 23? The wife and I are dropping in at Saint-Jean-De-Matha.....just north of Joliette this upcoming weekend. Unfortunately the Drakkar was full this go around... I am fairly certain that trails fared well around there after this recent warmup? Thanks, VTrider
  5. Cool !!! Larry Jr. ??? haha
  6. We rode on opening day. Dec 16 in Vermont. Some nicely groomed, some breaking trail and some rough but passable areas. All in all... a great 110 miles. Here are some pics....
  7. Groomer Contest 2017-18

    haha... I knew I had a snowball's chance in hell.
  8. Suggested Tour guide?

    I would go with Team Iceman Tours......
  9. Season is Coming

    Redge, Nancy and Iceman..... I am ready !! I will sound the horn !! haha. Looking forward to another great season.
  10. Current Conditions: St Zenon or St. Raymond?

    Yeah... i was bummed to hear this. The last communication i had from them was that they were coming to the La Glaciere where there is secure sled and trailer parking. The hotel where the sled was stolen is right in the main part of town...right off of hwy 131. On the way home on sunday...I saw a another truck and trailer park there and wondered if the hotel management would warn them of the incident the day before...hmmm??? My wife and I stayed at the Montagne Coupee earlier this year and they have a nice setup for your sled. They will also let you park trailer in there if there is room. Only downfall is the garage is a little hike down the hill from main hotel...also a little bit of asphalt riding to get to main trail, which can be an issue in spring weather. On a bright side....me and my daughter had an amazing time riding the trails this past weekend after her deployment. From the desert sands to the frozen lands....she was all smiles !!!
  11. Iceman and Friends head east.

    Awesome trip !!! Greg from Vermont is a good man.
  12. Current Conditions: St Zenon or St. Raymond?

    kdelabruere, They are common friends of ours.... i was hoping they were going to meet up with me and my daughter and stay at the La Glaciere in St. Zenon where there is secure parking. They were staying at the Hotel La Porte de la Matawinie which is located in Saint-Jean-De-Matha. The hotel looks to have nice accommodations but trailers and sleds are exposed...several gas stations right near parking lot too. Busy little area. If I had known they were staying there I would of warned them. Such a bummer for Mark....seeing how that sled was brand new. I was hoping to meet up on the trails with them but then got the text of the bad news. The Montagne Coupee Hotel in St-Jean-De-Matha also has secure sled parking. Friggin hate thieves !!!! i hope karma bites them in their thieving ass !!!
  13. Thank you very much... I will pass on your kind words to her.
  14. Any particular trails that i should avoid ?