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  1. Check Diva Snow Gear.... my wife just bought their Bibs. Adjustable inseam and drop seat which she says is very important as a female snowmobiler.
  2. Welcome back !! Merry Christmas to everyone !!
  3. Wow !!! BTW....great seeing you last weekend. Thanks for the stickers. My chaincase went on Saturday afternoon...so we packed up and left Sunday morning. We will be back soon.
  4. Nice report. Me and my buddy will be at the Drakkar this Thursday-Monday. Can't wait...
  5. Yeah my 2014 has mechanical rev.... definitely the way to go.
  6. Welcome to QR. The new 900 Ace non turbo is on my radar for next season. Currently running a 2014 TNT ACE with 6000 miles and a 2015 GSX ACE with 5000 miles. Only issue is the reverse on the 2015 but other than that...great sleds. Hoping to get mikerider's amount of trouble free miles on them...wow !
  7. Alain....thanks for the update !! Yes... I remember that being a challenge in the past when built up with ice. My wife would freak out if I made her cross that in the past...haha. Good to know its been upgraded. We will be back up right after Christmas
  8. Thank you... that is what I thought. I got confused up there when riding a few weeks ago with the wife.
  9. Is there going to be an update with the Imotoniege trail app. When I was up a few weeks ago there seemed to be a trail connector missing from trail #23 to #345 ....south of the Dam connector trail. Do I have an old version?...or are others seeing the same issue? Thanks in advance
  10. Awesome report once again Alain !! How was the crossing at the Dam ? My wife and I are planning to go back up right after Christmas.
  11. Congrats Eddie ! I missed it by a few hours...story of my life haha.
  12. Your welcome ! I am so glad my wife dragged me off the couch...kicking and screaming, LOL