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  1. stephane vallee

    route blanche !!!

  2. stephane vallee

    Oxygen Helmets

    I always get good service at this dealer A+
  3. stephane vallee

    route blanche !!!

    I did this trip last year , it was one of me best trip ever , the view is AAA+++++. If some one ask me to do it again I am ready
  4. stephane vallee

    Hotel Marineau Mattawin

    Can we park and leave the truck for 3 days at the Hotel Mattawin ? Thank you
  5. stephane vallee

    Lac Saint-Jean trail condition

    I am going to Lac Saint-Jean ( 29 dec.) I like to know if some one know the trail condition are they open . I like to do the tour of the Lac . Were can I purchase a trail pass for 3 days ? Will like to start the trip at Chambord . Thank you Stef
  6. stephane vallee

    Mont Tremblant Park Access --No 2 strokes!!!

    I like to know the reason to not allow 2 stroke , probably noise or pollution . The noise it all about the trail guys using aftermarket pipe , they are closing so many trail because of this. SAD
  7. stephane vallee

    Mt Valin Early Ride

    This is a excellent mod to run longeur HD bumper Thank
  8. stephane vallee

    Mt Valin Early Ride

    RoadRunner I see that you guys stack you BRP fuel Tank . BRP mention not to stack fuel tank them , do you know why ? Is it about safety for weight on the tunnel ? Thank you stef