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  1. The big day was on Monday Obaska to rapids sept towards ville Marie then up to noranda back to Val dor then back to Obaska it would seem it’s a little farther from place to place up here in the abitibi than other places in Quebec ha 😜
  2. Ya nobody home in rapids sept ..we got gas in either moffet or laforce and we were on fumes
  3. I’m 46 and after 431 miles rolling in at 4:00 am I felt every one of them ha ... was a personal mileage best but not eager to repeat been riding in Quebec since the mid-late 90’s and can’t seem to get enough ever 😉 ...the tan enduro is my sidekick John he loves the sled...I’m still over on the “dark” side ...with my 2-stroke 850...maybe someday I will grow up and change...we are on 2nd floor of opemiska ...the shared bathroom thingy is a little different but not a deal breaker and the bathrooms are very clean ... Got up in the night to go to the restroom in my skivies didn’t know who I would meet and let’s face it nobody wants to see that 😝 but it is nice and quiet ...breakfast starts at 3:00 am ...I was still a little cocked then should of went down for some eggs and toast
  4. I’m at opemiska now came in from Obaska today was awesome hammer down ... went to tandem for dinner to night decent Quebec food ...might of went to the hexagon sports bar after and had too many beers after ... hey it happens 😉 tomorrow we tour mistassini then back to opemiska and back to Obaska on Friday...saw your post from last week and hit it thanks for your report was a big help ... Auberge du lac tiblemont nice place nice people ... first day Monday bit off a lot 431 miles got into some great riding but also got into some crap not a lot of surfacage after rapid 7 on 309 toward ville Marie ... got back to the decent stuff towards Noranda and towards Val-D’Or back to Obaska
  5. The trail is open Val dor to rapid 7 is decent but after rapid 7 it is rough past laforce groomer has only past once need more snow to fill in
  6. Did it on Monday great from Rapid 7 to Val dor from rapid 7 to 63 only groomed once not enough snow to fill in quite rough
  7. As many of you have read our humble ambassador to motoneige paradise Bill McFarland has been honored by the Saguenay club by having a trail named after him... When I saw the trail sign I wanted one to hang in my shop so I contacted the Saguenay club and asked if I could get one if I made a donation to the club ... I have since been contacted through back channels and I have been told I’m not the only one interested in having one ... so I’m just spreading the word if you are interested contact the motoneige Saguenay club website I believe they are considering having some made ..seems like a win win to me you get to make donation to ensure paradise stays paradise and you get something special to remind you of paradise
  8. Just got back from RDL yesterday went 93/91 to Quebec 55 to 20 (jean lesage)to RDL the best way to go ..coming home we left the universal at around 10:30 am got back to central NH around 5:30 that included stopping for gas twice and grabbing something to eat. Riding was great stay at the universal great place gas right next to the hotel I would recommend reserving a heated garage great amenity ....we rode 4 days 1049 miles ....get up there and rock it !!👍
  9. Go see bernards widow at the motel safari she should be able to hook you up. Be safe have a good ride !