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  1. Mt Valin looking good

    One of my guys just noticed today that his passport has expired 😩
  2. Mt Valin looking good

    Thanks RR. We really appreciate it
  3. Mt Valin looking good

    Thanks, I'll add that to my phone.
  4. Mt Valin looking good

    Great. Thanks. When are you making your first trip?
  5. Mt Valin looking good

    Thanks road runner. Do you think we will be able to get in and out of the Delta OK?
  6. Mt Valin looking good

    Anyone have first hand knowledge of conditions? We are trying to finalize our Christmas to Ny trip. The past several years we had to go to the UP or northern Maine for good snow, but would like to get back up to Chicoutimi
  7. Mt Valin looking good

    I haven't been up to the area since 2008 (been riding The County in Maine and the UP). We've been wanting to come back since then. Are you guys staying at the old Holiday Inn? What is the name of the hotel now? Our first trip of the year is usually Dec. 26th through NY. Would love to ride that area this year. T
  8. 2016 Jack & Sandi's trip

    All XP, XR, and XS chassis dos have an air pocket when filling with gas. Fill the tank until gas comes up in the neck. Then kneel on the back bumper for a few seconds. It should take another gallon after that. I've had to do that on all my Doos from 08 thru 15.
  9. St Come area

    Thanks guys. I am taking someone that would like to get a picture on the swinging bridge near Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci ??. She has a picture of her dad crosing it back in the mid 90's and wants to get one of herself on it. Hopefully, we can get down there from St. Zenon
  10. St Come area

    Do you think the colder temps that are coming Sun - Wed will help with grooming? We are heading up on Wed. Thanks
  11. FS: 08 Ski Doo XP 500 ss

    Sled was sold today.
  12. FS: 08 Ski Doo XP 800 X

  13. FS: 08 Ski Doo XP 500 ss

    I am selling my wife's XP 500ss Sled has electric start, reverse, mirrors, studs, and heated visor plug. This sled is in showroom condition. Always hauled in an enclosed trailer, and cleaned after every trip. I am truly anal about my stuff. I have sold 5 or 6 sleds on the forums and all were very happy. 4200 miles, all in Quebec or the UP of Mich. Sled will have new hyfax on it when it is sold $4900 Email Ultrastryk@comcast.net I am in southern PA, but will meet someone within a reasonable distance.
  14. FS: 08 Ski Doo XP 800 X

    I am selling my perfect XP 800 X package. This machine was hauled in an enclosed trailer, stored inside, detailed after every ride etc. I just put new hyfax and clutch bushings on it. I recently cleaned the exhuast valves. The sled has electric start, studs, knee pads, heated visor plug and an XP-S Sledwrap kit. 5200 miles, all done in Quebec and the UP. All updates are done and the sled has run flawlessly. $5900 Email Ultrastryk@comcast.net Located in southen PA, but will travel a few hours to meet someone.
  15. his is a brand new with the tags still on Ladies large coat. I bought it for my wife and it is a little too big for her The Warrior is the one with a removeable liner, elbow and shoulder pads, 4 outside pockets, 2 inside pockets The outside is Reima Tec - Waterproof and breatheable These jackets are hard to find since Scott bought out Reima and the jackets are not as nice now. These originally retailed for $299, but I found it at a dealer for $110. I will sell for $110 plus shipping These are incredible jackets. Email Ultrastryk@comcast.net