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  1. online only "For the purchase of your trail permit, you will be obligated to purchase it on-line, and this for all categories!"
  2. You are absolutly right....😃 But it's ok with me...we can still enjoying first class rooms at the central in Parent. My favorite place to stay...🍻
  3. it's doable but it's a long ride. Near 280 miles. We did Val d'Or-Maniwaki a few times. Also the restaurant at Le Domaine is closed since october 25th. Only gas(for now) will be available. Le Domaine will be completely rebuilt in the short term.
  4. Great news......when the loggers are nowhere to be found......TQ 63 in the RFRM is a blast.
  5. for your info.....posted by Val d'Or SC. No services
  6. Congratulations on the new ownership. That's what I heard last week that Steve sold his place. He was a great guy to chat with. We stop at your place 4-5 times during the season when riding locally and on our way to Parent. We are riding alot in the Upper Gatineau and Upper Laurentians. Best of luck!!
  7. I've been told there will be no lodging this coming winter........only gas and lunch. https://www.pourvoirielaverendrye.com/home
  8. I am looking at buying one as well. Does the 62 liters comes with linq base kit or you must buy them separetly ?
  9. Hotel Central in Parent....👍 and I miss the Tamarac in Clova.
  10. Parked in Roberval...leaving for chibougamau today. Trying to avoid as much as possible this storm. That's why we changed our itinary. No more st-raymond. We rode on hard trails for the past 4 days. Great conditions and gas consumption at its best.
  11. Les Ours Blancs SC are opening that closed section west of mt-laurier today. They are sending 2 groomers... vice-president said that on the weekly chronicle on the local radio.
  12. Le Domaine - Kitsisakik +- 115 miles using the bypass.
  13. give a call to restaurant le classic (819) 438-5557 and ask for Peter. He is the new owner and he owns the Pensive as well. He probably knows what's going on with the logging on Lépine Road. I haven't heard of anything regarding "le sentier des Draveurs". It was such an incredible trail to ride.
  14. right Jay......we stayed there a few times. nice place. you just confirmed what we've been told. thanks.