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  1. Ice scratchers

    I would buy the eyelet supports. https://www.qualipieces.com/k03-8003/set-2-eyelet-support-trailblizzer thanks for the advice about railroad tracks. I am thinking about the 83 in Parent, Clova etc
  2. Ice scratchers

    I am looking at buying trailblizzer from Quali-pièces on my XS body (Renegade) Are you recommending them? Any specific model I should consider
  3. Big White Tour

    Talked to a local from Amos on the French forum and he said no gas in Ste-Dominique. Place is closed. There is gas in St-Félix de Delquier which is shown on the application I posted above.
  4. Big White Tour

    it says ''requires android''. I don't know. I will try installing it this weekend.
  5. Big White Tour

    Kbar and others......this might be a good tool. A-T is now offering an application for trip planning you can download on your cell. http://www.abitibi-temiscamingue-tourism.org/snowmobile/plan-your-snowmobile-trip/
  6. Sad news to announce

    Sad news indeed. Never had the chance to meet him in person although we did exchange several e-mails when He was thinking of creating a bilingual board of discussion as what we know now as QuébecRider. He asked me to help him with translation and if I wanted to be a moderator. I was more than happy to be a teammate in the birth of this site.... RIP Rob.......
  7. Lépine road(Pensive area)

    No news yet about the route but I would assume it would be the same as when they closed Ceizur bridge(Iron bridge) a few years ago. Rabaska is on the woodrunner trail and on the Laurentian map.
  8. Lépine road(Pensive area)

    Looks like the northern part of the Outaouais region is in winter mode. Guys unloaded at the Pensive this past weekend. This pic was taken off Lépine road (Shannon Lodge area) next to Pensive. Guy said road is plowed by the loggers up to Vimont road( as usual) past Pensive relay.
  9. Big White Tour

    You should have gas in Laforce. Marché Devlin. It is a convenience store. You should have gas also at Rapide-Sept.
  10. Ceizur bridge closed this winter

  11. Ceizur bridge closed this winter

    Yes you are right....Dominique has been maintaining that trail without receiving $$$ from the fcmq. Without him there would be no trail on Lépine road. Grooming between Clova and the Pensive is a long run beleive me.
  12. Ceizur bridge closed this winter

    I agree with you. A goat path on the western side of the Gatineau river (groomer couldn't get to the crossing point) but very nice from Gatineau club to the crossing point on the eastern side. That trail was leading you to Notawissi back then.
  13. I saw this in the local paper. I don't know what will be the outcome of this but Ceizur bridge will be closed this winter. I remember they closed that bridge a few years ago and they built an ice bridge north of Gatineau Club as an alternative. For those not familiar with the area, it is located near Gatineau Club on the woodrunner trail, between, let say......Rabaska Lodge and Pensive relay. The Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks (MFFP) has decided to invest $ 1,791,000 in the reconstruction of the Ceizur bridge located in the Antoine-Labelle RCM of the Laurentides region. This investment represents 90% of the total project budget, which will increase the bearing capacity of the new bridge to 60 tonnes. The Ceizur bridge is an important access road to the forestry or recreational tourism activities of zecs, outfitters and off-road vehicle trails on public land. Announced in the 2016-2017 Budget Speech, the Multi-Resource Path Reimbursement Program (PRCM) aims to develop forest resource access roads and maintain and improve the existing network so that it is safe for various users. Part 2 of the PRCM, through which the Ceizur bridge project is financed, targets the strategic development of the road network as well as certain cases of force majeure. As in the case of the Ceizur bridge project, the PRCM finances up to a maximum of 90% of eligible costs, the other costs to be borne by local actors. In all, $ 4.82 million has been set aside for all projects. "Access to our forest land is providing employment for about 60,000 workers through our forest industry," said Luc Blanchette, Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks. This access to this important natural resource also allows other industries to create wealth in our regions: for hunting, fishing and trapping activities, this represents nearly 14,000 jobs and 1.8 G benefits. $ across Quebec. That's not to mention the three million Quebeckers who practice outdoor activities in the forest. The new Ceizur Bridge project is great news for the economic growth of the Laurentians region and its communities and for all users of the forest in the region. " "The Ceizur bridge is a key transportation structure for the Laurentides region," said Christine St-Pierre, Minister of International Relations and La Francophonie and Minister responsible for the Laurentides region. I am proud that our government is committed to this work, which will ultimately benefit businesses, workers and even vacationers who will benefit more from the attractions of the surrounding public forest. " Built in 1955 north-west of Ferme-Neuve, the Ceizur Bridge spans the Gatineau River in Petawaga Zec. Its reconstruction began on November 27 and will be completely closed during the winter. The contractor who will perform the work ensures that it will be reopened as of mid-March 2018.
  14. Saddlebag Trip Planning?

    Welcome aboard Goose. We have been saddlebagging for years and we always book ahead. Way ahead if we plan to stay in a popular destination and on weekends. One thing for sure, we never leave to our destination in the morning without our rooms booked so we book the night before or a few days ahead. No stress. As for the weather...our favorite channel at night is the weather network. Unfortunately we have no control on the weather and trail conditions. As a 3 day loop, if you are looking for wilderness, remote areas and not much traffic I would suggest you: Maniwaki-Val d'Or Val d'Or-Parent Parent-Maniwaki Lots of options....
  15. Winter storm warning for Abitibi area !

    there is so much water in the bush......good frost is good. Good for deer hunting too