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  1. Val d'Or SC sent me this map back in december. Is the bypass (Old TQ63 route) groomed this year? That's what they told me it would. The stretch in blue above 9 KM.
  2. https://pointedavid.com/pointeadavid_home.html... working fine at my end. Anyhow I learned last nite the Baskatong crossing is ready. We are using the former route thru the southeast end of the Reservoir. Not going thru village windigo this season.
  3. I've been told they started staking Baskatong last saturday. Give them a call. They are in charge of staking the Baskatong crossing. https://pointedavid.com/pointeadavid_home.html
  4. They have just finished cleaning the trail(downed trees, branches). lots of work had to be done thru out the territory and we have a huge territory to take care of. We got +- a foot of snow over the weekend. You can follow them on their facebook page. They are starting the grooming operations today. https://www.facebook.com/ClubMotoneigeOursBlancs/?epa=SEARCH_BOX
  5. Restaurant le classic, it's business as usual. they got +- 12 inches of snow last nite from that storm. Le Domaine. The cafeteria has been torn down. Gas station still open. 819-435-2251
  6. I agree. according to FCMQ interactive map. +- 260 kms
  7. According to Senneterre SC, NO gas this year. Nothing between Clova and lac faillon. 180 kms.
  8. It will be rebuilt and relocated next to highway 117. It has been in the works for quite awhile but nothing is happening. Tearing it down is a good start I guess.
  9. Not much options Rich.......Motel Royal(The truck stop) in Louvicourt. Very Basic rooms. Have stayed there a couple of times. Or Val d'Or which is about + - 260 miles. Hope to see you this winter in Maniwaki. We have about 5 inches on the ground. Yikes!!! more to the northwest.
  10. One good news(If I can say). Val d'Or SC will reopen that 9-10 km stretch which is the original route of TQ 63.
  11. It's not a rumor...it is the truth. No lodging at the Pavillon la vérendrye. Only gas and food.
  12. online only "For the purchase of your trail permit, you will be obligated to purchase it on-line, and this for all categories!"
  13. You are absolutly right....😃 But it's ok with me...we can still enjoying first class rooms at the central in Parent. My favorite place to stay...🍻
  14. it's doable but it's a long ride. Near 280 miles. We did Val d'Or-Maniwaki a few times. Also the restaurant at Le Domaine is closed since october 25th. Only gas(for now) will be available. Le Domaine will be completely rebuilt in the short term.
  15. Great news......when the loggers are nowhere to be found......TQ 63 in the RFRM is a blast.