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  1. Joncas

    yes........the old Joncas burned as well. I have great memories of the old version of Joncas back in the early 90's. The old one had a look of a logger camp (which it was) with all the rooms upstairs.
  2. What was on Trail 83 3/17/17

    Club passe-partout annual hot-dog party.
  3. Connector Trail South of 100 du Lacs?

    you can go around the mitchinamecus reservoir or you can cross it. It is marked. We went by the area a few times this winter. You wil get to a jct where the dam is, to the left you go around and to the right(where the dam is) you go upon the reservoir. You gonna end up at the same place
  4. Riding out of Maniwaki

  5. Riding out of Maniwaki

  6. Riding out of Maniwaki

  7. Riding out of Maniwaki

  8. Riding out of Maniwaki

  9. Riding out of Maniwaki

  10. Riding out of Maniwaki

  11. Riding out of Maniwaki

  12. Riding out of Maniwaki

    The parking lot at the classic restaurant still has coverage
  13. Riding out of Maniwaki

    Indeed phil...it's getting thin or literally bare in town. The sun is doing is job during the day. It was my last weekend leaving from home in maniwaki. Too much pavement. But hey!!!! when you hit the trail it's another world. Plenty of snow in the bush. Great weekend of riding in the upper gatineau and upper laurentians with sun wall to wall and cold mornings. Great trails.
  14. Riding out of Maniwaki

    this weekend looks promising
  15. Riding out of Maniwaki

    last weekend......going to ste-anne du lac this Saturday for lunch and back. trails should be in good shape. Gonna cross Baskatong Réservoir(trail 322)