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We take the ferry across to Godbout. First trip on the new one. We had breakfast inspiration from Jeff & Sandy. We meet with a great group of 5 guys (TheMainer). It's another warm day blue sky's. The ferry lands we grab a few pics and we're off. The trails are fantastic all the way to Sept-Iles. I had a lot of fun. We stopped for fuel in Baie Trinity and then Port Cartier. We took the local to the club house west of Port Cartier there is a lookout to the harbor. Cote-levee at St Hubert. inspiration from Jeff & Sandy again.
















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We get ready early this am. I want to make it all the way this time around. I gas up load up. We finally meet Team Green. We have a quick chat and a tentative dinner meeting. We're off 7:30. It's a blue sky day with warm temps again. The TQ3 is looking good. We pass the groomer parked at the club. We get to the Moisie crossing. There is some heavy machinery working by the east bank. As we approach I see orange construction barrels. I see tracks going up a steep incline. I go for it but I'm at a bad angle for the loaded two up. We get 3/4 up and the machine feels tippy. I ask Gemma to get off. She gets clear and I attempt to climb. Before I know it I'm rolling with the machine. It rolls right over me twice. I managed to stop it from rolling. One of the construction guys asks if I'm ok. Are you from here? Just visiting from NY. You should go to the right it's easer. Oh well all the barrels and machines threw me off. I regroup put the windshield back together put the hood back on. Off we go. The tekvest payed for itself.







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Back to regularly scheduled programming. The trails are just as reported by roadrunner & Trailblazer. All groomed and good to go. Nothing like our last try. We spot a Team Iceman sticker at the first warming shack.








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15 minutes ago, smclelan said:

Just remember Jeff, if there are no pictures of the roll-over, then it didn't really happen!  LOL

The GoPro popped off my helmet. I'm going to look at the footage when we get home. Gemma was not pleased with my foolishness.

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Last time around the trail was not there across the street. Major delays dealing with that. We make our way to the beach at Longe Pointe De-Mingan. We spot where some photos were taken by Roadrunner & Trailblazers team. I pulled into their tracks.





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23miles to go. The last 10 nothing. Wide open space. I wouldn't want to be stuck in a storm around there.

We get to the hotel and dump some dead weight. We take a little ride east. We get stopped at a sticker check. They ask if we are going to Blanc Sablon. No sir Hotel Du-Havre. We continue on. We stop to take a pic of the club house and the groomer pulls up. He speaks English and invites us to check out the inside. Super nice guy. He rides like us two up alone. We head back. Chez Julie is calling. We meet up with Team Green. Great dinner and company. Lots of snowmobile story's. We bump into the guy from Montreal that rode with RR & TB. More great Snowmobile story's. 





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Hi Gary,

 I was able to get an ear full of Gemma's panic with the communicators. As I rolled my communicator must have touched the snow it started playing music on my iPhone. I was laughing Gemma not so much. We were riding with Bill and learned about Tekvest. Thanks Bill. 

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1 hour ago, mikerider said:

Your trips are always such good reading, and pics are great.  Keep it upright!



Hi Mike,

Hope posting my mistake alerts people to make a right on the bank. I missed it with the heavy machinery working.

We always look forward to reading your travels. Thanks for keeping us entertained / informed.

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