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Season Finally Mont Valin May 12th 13th

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I was one of the four, I will make sure fozzy posts all the pics. Did close to 300kms ssome bare spots that were easy to get around, 267 and east of lachapelle on 93 were amazing..Things were bare at vinnies had to trailer up a bit but left from the new bar in valinouet. Stayed at passion. Fuel stop at auberge 31 was dirty getting up to the pumps.Hydro line was toast, not enuff snow to cover stumps and rocks and no support for sleds. But 85 % of it was to the bar riding, 14 celcius, shorts and tee shirts, oh and 300 kms on the Brand new leftover REAL Yamaha...priceless!!!!!!

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Sorry for delay, out of the four that went, one is a Golf Pro, the other is a Golf Equipment Distributer, I'm a home builder....  not easy to get away in May and it was go go when we came back.

Mont Valin is always our last trip of the season. Normally we head up in April and over the years the locals have always told us we should go in May. Well if there was a year to go in May this was the year. Trip was short with only one day of riding but we rode in daylight till 8pm.

We leave Ottawa at noon on Saturday with neighbors wondering what the hell are we thinking and how could we have convinced our wife's that we are actually going sledding.



We arrive at Passion early evening Saturday. We were nervous as it didn't look like there was a lot of snow. In the morning Bucky took a small walk to find a spot where we can stage from. At Passion is ware bare at the lodge but just up the hill the snow was plentiful.




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Temps were amazing, Sunny and around plus 12 - 14, no jackets and trails were surprisingly flat with lots of snow for cooling and slides.




We headed up to the lookout. IMG_3019.thumb.JPG.4635f7a5ff448a4caeb51481f090a8d9.JPG

It was time for lunch so we headed to KM 31. If you stepped off the trail you sank up to your chest. Snow depth in certain areas was crazy.


Getting up the hill to KM 31 for gas and lunch was bare. Lol



After lunch we decided it was time to check out the Hydro lines. Just was not enough snow everywhere to make it worth it. I did do one chute, but you hit patches of no snow at the top. Crazy how deep the ruts are where there is no snow.


It was getting towards the end of the day and our season was done. Mont Valin never disappoints! We had a great time!!




With roughly 300 km for the day our season comes to an end. Hopefully we run into some of you guys next year.


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Its a fawk of a lot better than driving 16 hours to Myrtle beach to play a few rounds of shitty golf?? or Sitting in a cubical for 8 hours a day making minimum wage??

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