2016 Ski Doo Renegade Enduro 900ACE

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$6,000. In very good condition.  Located in SE PA, or I can bring along on my scheduled trips to Quebec with adequate notice.

Standard features: air ride rMotion 137" suspension, TS skis with adjustable carbides, ice ripper pre studded track, ITC throttle control, deluxe gauge.

Installed options include: 7" carbides, Dupont hyfax, outside ambient air temp, mirrors, ultra high windshield, handlebar muffs, 2 sets of Linq brackets, stackable fuel caddy riser brackets.

2 shorter windshields included and a spare mirror.

Miles: 9401, 95% in Quebec

Color: Northern Lichen

Linq bags not included.

Kelley Blue Book prices in the attached photos.

2016 Enduro.jpg

2016 Renegade Enduro 900ACE.jpg

After 3 years riding '16 Enduro.jpg

retail price.JPG

trade in price.JPG

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