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Best driving route to RDL from NH?


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For the first time heading to RDL a week from today. Trailering from central NH. Mapquest is routing us up RT 95 in Maine  and crossing into Canada  from Houlton.

I’ve made the trip to northern Maine many times. So I’m fine with that route. But don’t know if it would be better to go north through Vermont.



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Just got back from RDL yesterday went 93/91 to Quebec 55 to 20 (jean lesage)to RDL the best way to go ..coming home we left the universal at around 10:30 am got back to central NH around 5:30 that included stopping for gas twice and grabbing something to eat. Riding was great stay at the universal great place gas right next    to the hotel I would recommend reserving a heated garage great amenity ....we rode 4 days 1049 miles ....get up there and rock it !!👍

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We are in CT so we go up 91 to the border and like quebecorbust said 91 turns into 55 in Canada, 10 to Drummondville and then 20 to RDL.  A little over an hour to Drummondville, another hour plus to Quebec City and then two hours to RDL.

We always set cruise control especially on 20 weather permitting.  It is straight and flat and it is easy to get going too fast.  The Police sit in the emergency turn arounds with radar.

Google maps shows 91 10 minutes quicker but 25 miles further than 95.


Jack & Sandi

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Google shows the quickest is 91/55/20. Thats the only way i’ve done it, so cannot comment on others. All really nice roads, some used to be crap, but mostly all new highways now. 

The peaks in northern VT....highest highway elevation in VT, can be slippery, just be careful as always when snow covered.

Gas up at the Derby Line, turn left after the exit ramp, 1/2 mile there is a big Mobil, Mcdonalds, etc. Walmart further down that road too.

Walts Skidoo in Derby has been my doo dealer since 2007, beware they close at noon on Saturdays.

Crossing the border, left lane is the only one ever open. 

I stop at the ATM at the CIBC in Drummondville for cash. Its in the same parking lot as another Walmart in case you forgot something.

CIBC Branch with ATM, 385 Boulevard Saint-Joseph, Drummondville, QC J2C 2B1, Canada


Depends on your tow mileage where to fill up, beware its a long stretch of not much after Montmagny.


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From southern coastal Maine, once on 95 it is 4 lane  via Houlton all the way to RDL.  But, it is quite a bit shorter in miles to get off the Showhegan exit (133?) and go via Jackman. This route is a half hour quicker.

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Thanks for all the guidance above....

Had a great time. Started in RDL rode TQ5 clockwise around the gaspe. First time, but will not be the last. 

Drove up through VT on the way north. Then tried the route through Maine (crossed back into the US in Houlton) on the way home.

While the VT route (from Wakefield, NH) might have been a bit quicker, the roads in QC were in better condition from RDL to Houlton, ME.  Not that the "VT" route was terrible, but those roads seamed to be built more on top of an old concrete road.

8.5 hours going through VT. 

9 hours coming home through ME.


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