Somewhere East of the Gaspe

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5 hours ago, RoadRunner said:

Groomer, we have all lived life in the Gaspe thru your pics so being able to share a few from our trip was fun. On this trip we had a great photographer with us, Josh Bingle, from Lab City.  He had done a few of the drone shots that I had posted earlier. He is going thru his camera files now, what a difference a nice camera makes!


We have talked about how open and barren the Long Range Mountain highlands is. These pics.from Josh... on a blue sky day!😁.... depict how wide open it is.

Also, we saw lots of Moose and many more fresh signs. Those of us from Maine found it interesting that the Moose In Labrador came from Maine.   They were introduced in 1906 to Labrador. They have flourished since!09615C1F-D430-4BD7-90B1-AF195B5B6E73.thumb.jpeg.2798ec1283553a19ea3ca8a9733329be.jpeg





hi rr !!!

back from a business trip in ste anne des monts !!! pics for sure out of words !!! super nice !!!

thx to you and josh for sharing those pics......and yes....good camera worth the investment when you know how to use it !!!

thx for the info about the moose...interesting !!!



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RoadRunner, lot of Quebec Riders post all kinds of great,helpful , and interesting thinks here that we all like, but what you have posted here is way over the top, incredible to say the least, YOU HAVE NOT WON THE DAY...YOU WON THE YEAR!! Many thanks, Bob.

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On 3/9/2019 at 5:21 AM, RoadRunner said:

Sm and Playhard, well we didn’t get cheated on our adventure ride for sure! 

 Thursday and Friday did not disappoint us😁.  Thursday started out so nice but high clouds up in the Long Range mountain highlands in the distance had other plans for us.  As many of you saw earlier in the week, The highlands,  a few days ago had a beautiful blue sky, and felt very inviting. 😉 

As mentioned , We had heard several stories of trouble and tragedy in these highlands all week.  Well we got taste of just how wild it can get.  By mid morning our clear view morning ...had changed into a slow crawl, dirty visibility and several dig outs of drifts as we crawled our way up into the highlands.  Wow we still got a long ways of to go! This is what its like when the weather goes bad😉 , This is going to be slow going! 

Just before noon we decided this is not going to work!  We had just got to a rough shelter about half way in. This looks like our chalet for the night! 😊

As we settled into our very.........rustic accommodations, some gathered fire wood , others water, an inventory of overnight supplies started popping out on the rustic picnic table in the shelter.  A wood stove provided heat, but that was about it.  The wind howled all night, but by 3:30 am it seemed like we had a window of opportunity and visibility was better, but we had 10 sleds buried in snow and we needed to get rolling. With winds forecasted to pick back up to levels we experienced yesterday, we knew we had a a narrow window. 

Robert Gardner and Dixon Clements, both Cain’s Quest Champ’s and old pros at these types of riding conditions 
, gathered the troops and said’s now ...or ....we most likely will be here another day. So at 4:40am, sleds are all running and we are heading down out of the range, at a crawl.  3 hours later, and 35 miles under our belt, we dropped down into the tree line.  Lots of stories and laughs to share, but also a reality of just how quick things can change in the high country! It’s always an adventure.

With 10 experienced riders it was awesome to see all the safety and overnight equipment pop out of everyone’s bags. Multiple Garmin in reaches, Spot tracker devices, food, food lines for hanging gear to dry, fire starting equipment, jet boils, tarps, ect. You guys get it because we all tend to carry those items whether adventure riding or groomed trail riding, and at times thinking, wow, do I really need this stuff?  Well yes, on occasion you do!

The other neat observation was to observe your riding partners under challenging conditions. This group all remained calm and focused. Good attributes for any type of ride, especially when conditions change.

As mentioned a few days ago, we had planned to get into the Gross Morne Park, but do “unforeseen circumstances” we ran out of time!!  We did get to see territory and ride a regions that  even many locals have never done. 

We catch the evening ferry back to NS tonight.  We will be back to the Rock again!  This has been another great adventure ride. And many more things to see and experience here! 


Happy Trails!





Wow! I hope no one snores.... awesome stuff!  Yep always need to remain calm and deal with Mother Nature best you can 👍

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