Joliette/St-Zenon photo+video ride report February 20, 2021

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Here the ride we did this last saturday february 20, 2021


The snow accumulations of the last weeks have nicely shape up the conditions and although there are still some brownish snow near home in the south, we no longer scrape dirt on the trail base and as soon as we go up north a bit it is very white . Here near Ste-Mélanie ...


I have put together a first video of the ride between St-Ambroise de Kildare and St-Côme via #43 trail

As per covid's rules, we ate outside on #63 trailside at the Auberge du Vieux Moulin a Scie junction. My Givi has turn into a lunchbox! 😂


and here is a second video, from leaving after lunch up to the Auberge Le Cabanon

We then looped in the Mastigouche wildlife reserve  by the #350 trail and took the #23 trail to return toward home. Very good conditions, no lack of snow! Trail was more worn by the saturday traffic south from Gabriel de Brandon  but everything else before was really nice, a total of 216miles for the whole loop


We finally got some nice winter trail conditions... mid february... late is better than never!!! We now touch the best of the season, hoping for the best in the next weeks


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