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QuebecRider advertiser rules:
Advertising on QR is fairly simple, anyone associated with (employed, related, or friend of) an organization can simply pay a yearly fee and provide the appropriate information (logo, website, email, etc) and the ad will be posted. If desired, the organization will be provided a user account, labeled advertiser, to post unlimited information about the business (or organization).

Any member wanting to promote a business or organization on QR can do so. Any member may discuss or promote (or vilify) a business or organization, as often as desired, as long as the promotion is truthful, and the vilification is not obscene, and the member is not compensated by (or related to) a business or organization for that purpose.

If a member really loves a particular business and promotes it heavily here, the business is lucky, they are doing the right thing and pleasing their customers. The sales team at QR (if there was one, lol) would argue that this business would get more exposure on the site as an advertiser since visibility isn’t limited to specific topics, which rarely mentions contact info.

Also, if a member is compensated by a business, in any way, then that member must have an advertiser label, and if that business is not a paid advertiser, the member must pay an advertiser fee, or risk posts/membership being removed from the site.
QuebecRider advertiser info:

QuebecRider advertisers are the only source of income for this website.

QuebecRider advertisers have their banner randomly displayed on the rotating banner system visible on all forum pages.

QuebecRider advertising rates are the same for everyone, and are fixed at $100/year.

Payment can be either via Paypal or personal check if you prefer.

To become a QuebecRider advertiser you just need to:

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