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  1. etec-gade

    First QC trip

    Well it will be different then here. But I guess, with the beautiful scenery, won't be too bad.
  2. etec-gade

    First QC trip

    Wow, thanks for the info. So i guess the speed limit does exist (70kph = 43mph) As far as the trail cops, is there many in the Gaspe? What do they run for sleds and are they easy to spot? Damn 43mph seems slow.
  3. etec-gade

    First QC trip

    Not to highjack, but I am also looking at getting up to the Gaspe this month for the first time. I was wondering what I should know about riding in Quebec (laws and Regulations) compaired to New Brunswick. I had heard that you must run mirrors, does the glove ones count? Also someone said the speed limit is 45 mph, is this correct?