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  2. It's a fact: Dogs don't kill people. Guns kill people. And dogs are heroes. They stand at the front of the line to get heir vaccinations.
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  4. Can you imagine what it would be like if we all rode from the same manufacturer?? Where would the fun be at the Relais or at the chalet?
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  6. bonsoir !!! took my first ride since , 8-10-12 days... warmer...and very windy ... tomorrow , should be my first weekend at my camp.... jean-guy
  7. *Changed the Like, I appreciate info, and Liking it is more for the effort not the content, changed to Thanks. I dont think they are right, Ive been up for days reading articles on this, and I feel the government is hiding something, and a few of us "in the know" realize it.... A new article just popped up, how did they know I wanted to read it , this is great! or is it..... Unfortunately it has become Un-Social Media. Later GutZ
  8. And please don't blame me for any (additional) insomnia you may experience... The cure is clear: 200 Miles of freshly surfaced Quebec'ness
  9. How long ago were we energy-independent, wasn't it like just days?
  10. Refugees "from" or "to" instability & Socialism & Oppression & Racism?!
  11. This sucks. Going through withdrawal symptoms here. Lack of fresh air and excessive speeds is killing me
  12. A long, long time......that does not translate into this fall, which is just around the corner.....I will be thrilled to see it open in the fall....hopefully we keep progressing forward and getting better numbers every day...and this will be happening in Canada soon, let's keep our fingers crossed!!
  13. When will the Canada-U.S. border reopen? Wed., May 5, 2021, 4:00 a.m.·3 min read When will the Canada-U.S. border reopen? It's been more than a year since Canada and the U.S. barred people from non-essential travel between the two countries. With vaccinations ramping up in both countries, experts weigh in on when the border could reopen. (Ben Nelms/CBC - image credit) Travel across the Canada-U.S. border could resume by late summer or fall, according to the cautious estimates of some experts, but they say the process will be complicated. The border has been closed to non-essential travel like tourism and recreation since March 2020, and the closure agreement between Ottawa and Washington is expected to be renewed on May 21. The agreement makes exceptions, for example, on compassionate grounds like attending a funeral, or to apply for refugee status, and enforcement has been less than absolute. But the question on most people's minds, says foreign policy expert Aaron Ettinger, is probably "When can I do my day trips over the border once again? "And my answer to that is, that it's going to be a long, long time." Ettinger, an associate professor at Carleton University who specializes in Canadian and U.S. foreign policy, says he believes the borders will remain largely shut for at least a few more months. It's been more than a year since Canada and the U.S. barred people from non-essential travel between the two countries. With vaccinations ramping up in both countries, experts weigh in on when the border could reopen.(Rob Gurdebeke/The Canadian Press) "My gut tells me it's going to be [closed] at least well into the fall of 2021," he said, "because things are literally ten times worse now than they were this time last year with infection rates, with ICU admissions." He says once both countries sort out the public health concerns, they will have to work through the politics. "Politically, the United States and Canada would have to get on the same page … and that would take an enormous amount of diplomatic cross-border interaction," he said. Given how complicated their relationship is already, Ettinger says he believes the border situation won't be resolved quickly. He noted that the U.S. has vaccinated a far greater percentage of its residents than Canada. "The U.S. may not be all that keen on letting Canadian travellers over the border ... But I would imagine that any Canadian government would want the same treatment that Canada affords American travellers."
  14. bonjour !!! back from a pirouette along the river !!! jean-guy
  15. throat always dry ......need more juice !!! forgot to mention is a bit more than 6 miles from logging rd.....and warming hut about 3 jean-guy
  16. Yes, too close to the road for me as well.
  17. you make some good points and thoughts ....You are correct and it has been very clear over the years that some powerful clubs would groom areas locally beneficial to their club or lodges, inter connectivity is what this is about, that should work for everyone.
  18. Its hard to argue against. Anyone that does any real riding sees a minimum of 3 clubs in a days ride. On a lot of days I'll be across 6 - 8 club boundaries in a days ride. Looking at this past season I easily visited 25 different club areas and it was a poor season with restricted travel. No one club can claim their members never leave their boundaries. Where this gets more complex is in deciding what trail should exist. What is justified and what isn't? Should a low traffic area have multiple local loops? Or when they are essentially running off of revenue from high population membership should they be restricted to primarily the main connector trails and a small limited amount if local riding? If this happens is it sustainable at the local level? Oh the fun and politics of snowmobile club operations.
  19. yaaa...for sure a bit too close to the road...summer time...i don t like dust in my glass of wine !!! ...but winter...must be very nice to look at the traffic by the window i heard a few years ago...some nice big cabins up there jean-guy
  20. That is an awesome cabin someone has there on the 595! I have slowed down and looked it over a few times.
  21. just to give you an idea... on the other post ...pic of the 595 sign ...right at the intersection ...looking toward faribault camp jean-guy
  22. bonjour smclelan roughly 10-12 miles...hard to tell ...first time there by truck since gps was a little bit rusty... did nt go to fast ...lots of curve and narrow at many places... yaaaa...thats hog's back !!! jean-guy
  23. I have noticed a positive change in areas like Mont Saint Pierre.
  24. One of those pics looked a little bit like Mont Hogsback. Were you that far through the TLR?
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