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  2. Wow ! I certainly don’t remember that. That must be 30 + yrs ago We may all be needing a nursing home pretty soon . 😁
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  4. Back when there were palm trees in the bar to make it a tropical paradise.
  5. Haha, You are right !! Dont make a poison with out making the antidote first! GutZ
  6. Since the Experimental Vax my Tail is growing back!! Yes,, But Coronal Viruses are not new... that's why there is a number after it, otherwise it would be "The Coronal" virus, not COVID 2019\19. A Vax works similar to a Wanted Poster at the Post Office, If this guy ( Corona Virus ) shows up do this: "Hide your Valuables, Lock up your Daughter, make this Anti-body" So if you already know how to make the wanted poster that looks alot like "The Guy" , you just need to tweak it a bit, Add a moustache, bushy Eye-Brows, and little scar on his cheek. Now when he shows up the race is on! If you can make a "defensive front" faster than the virus is replicating, due to the flattened Bio-Learing Curve afforded by the Vax, You Win!! This is why Vax'd people can spread it until the race is over. Not a cure, a Vax. The Tweaked Vax for C19 ( Sounds like Race Gas ) is\or could be considered experimental due to the Tweaks, but it is not a radical departure. I just want to also say both sides will use any portion of the facts to sensationalize it to their benefit. With the help of the Media. Later GutZ
  7. Didn't say make it. Just pay. Although we don't hear about the Delta explosion in China. Or anything else for that matter.
  8. Yes, the last time the group I travel with stayed there. 🤣
  9. Does anyone remember when part of the hotel was a nursing home? Sandi
  10. bonjour !!! just back from dealership...met a friend...trucker on logging rd.....and a ski doo rider...asked him about the guy who landed in the brook at the 4 miles..... he fell asleep... btw, lots of tourista on the road....and many slo-mo !!!....i ll never move to a big city jean-guy
  11. Can you say experimental? Cause it’s being QC tested on everyone who takes it.
  12. LOL... Would you want a Vax from China..... There's the "Lowest Cost Provider" and then there's China..... QC is just an added cost!!! Although they did QC it on their own people..... hahaha GutZ
  13. It wouldn't be that the Dems are worried about the mid term elections and want all mail in voting ???? Just to keep everyone safe..........LOL
  14. Cant just blame the Bats!! The pangolin deserves part of the credit!!! LOL And they look so tasty! hahahah!!!
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  16. First I don't eat bats. I think there isn't any meat on them. Second as someone said this is political. The government is paying for the vaccine and the politicians own the company that makes the vaccine. Third they are trying to control our lives a little bit at a time. I truly believe we are in for a tuff road to stop this. Fourth I just hope it doesn't take our snowmobiling away from us. After many years of riding in Quebec it just isn't fun to ride across a field or through the woods on just plain snow. I like groomed trails. Am I spoiled, maybe, but I pay for it with a smile on my face. Everyone be safe and stay healthy.
  17. I just hope no one is eating anymore bats. What an unfortunate event. Eating a simple bat and look at the mess we are in. #chinavirus #bendoverandtakeit
  18. I hear you loud and clear, we followed it just like you, spent thousands of dollars complying with regulations at the shop and office , bought the electrostatic guns they use at the airports, n-95 masks, gloves, had the office closed for 16 weeks, cleaned everyone's cars, did everything we could for the help, yada, yada, yada....and now we are back to know that very small print you cannot read on the back of page 34 of that contract, that's the only way I could print how I currently feel about where we are...without being kicked off this forum!!
  19. I wonder if the recommendation for the 3 shot is driven more by the science or by the Earnings Report???
  20. Yahtzee! Amen. Gotta make up your own mind to make up your own (well-educated) mind.
  21. ...A third booster dose of the Pfizer vaccine increases neutralizing antibody levels against the Delta variant by more than five times compared to levels after a second dose in people aged 18 to 55 years, new data from Pfizer show. ...The company noted this could mean an estimated 100-fold increase in Delta variant protection after a third dose. These new findings are outlined in a Pfizer second quarter 2021 earnings report... ...The data come from a relatively small number of people studied. There were 11 individuals in the 18- to 55-year-old group and 12 people in the 65- to 85-year-old cohort. ...Availability of a third dose of any of the current COVID-19 vaccines would require either amending the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) emergency use authorization or granting full FDA approval status to the vaccine. ...In addition, the World Health Organization said at a media briefing on July 12 that rich countries should prioritize the sharing of COVID-19 vaccine supplies to other countries in need worldwide before allocating doses for a booster shot of its own residents.
  22. Gotta love the "News" (advertising) industry, stirring any headline merde that'll attract eyeballs. ...the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) said 90% of the front-line border services officers have been identified as "essential" so will continue to work in the event of a strike. ...Contract talks reached an impasse in December 2020, the unions said. ...Prior to the pandemic, tourism was the fifth-largest industry in Canada, contributing C$105 billion ($83.4 billion) to the GDP and providing one in ten jobs, ..."It's not favorable at all for a lot of small businesses relying on either goods coming across the border or people coming across the border," ...Their demands include higher pay, the ability to carry their guns in areas like airports and to address issues of "toxic" workplaces, he said. ..."We expect that our officers will continue to fulfill their duties with the highest level of integrity and professionalism."
  23. Ive followed all CDC rules to a T thru this mess for over a year. Im vaccinated. Im for it. Got it in January. Fast forward now 97% hospitalized the last few month are not vaccinated. Common sense says Im not going to die even *if* I got the virus. They are not “following the science” in Washington. Its political. They expect us to blindly follow their lies. They twist facts to scare those who dont listen to varying sources of information. I think for myself. Im done with masks. Im living my life. No apologies. Another great Maine sledding season coming up. Cant wait to see everyone there !
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