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  1. I hear you loud and clear, we followed it just like you, spent thousands of dollars complying with regulations at the shop and office , bought the electrostatic guns they use at the airports, n-95 masks, gloves, had the office closed for 16 weeks, cleaned everyone's cars, did everything we could for the help, yada, yada, yada....and now we are back to know that very small print you cannot read on the back of page 34 of that contract, that's the only way I could print how I currently feel about where we are...without being kicked off this forum!!
  2. absolutely nothing surprises me any more....NOTHING!!
  3. Very discouraging....cannot blame Canada...they have done a great job getting everyone on board...and their numbers are much better than ours.....all you have to do is look at the numbers in the groups that are vaccinated to see how well it is we all pay the price....and wait for the other half to either get herd immunity....die....or get vaccinated....but I also believe it is not going to open next week as planned ....what will it be like in 2 weeks...I don't think you want to know.
  4. Probably the truest, most important statement I have seen yet , should be on the front page...maybe it would help to get people pulling their trousers up and pulling the rope in the same direction for common good!!
  5. A little tougher landing than the groomer you took off trail!!
  6. Tom, if this really happens I will be in touch.
  7. You guys can wait until the snow falls if you want...but the road is calling for a bike trip to Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick....really did not see this coming....GREAT NEWS FOR SURE!!!
  8. That is great news and I am very surprised given Delta variant has really picked up a lot due to unvaccinated...but faced with the consequences and reality many are now rushing to get it as they are seeing people 20 to 40 with absolutely no health issues at all getting very sick and dying as the strain just keeps getting stronger, hopefully we can get to that threshold where we can start fully enjoying things as we chose....but until it happens I am cautiously optimistic.
  9. on the main road south of the ferry landing in Baie Comeau
  10. Select hotel in Amqui, last time there Stan and I ate and drank with Groomer.
  11. Thankfully the vaccines are free in the US...99 % of all new cases are unvaccinated, a few southern states are starting to have major surges of the new delta variant, 20k a day, and going up, for the last week...all in places where only 30 % chose to get facing a very uncertain future many are racing to get vaccinated....I truly do not see how to stop the spread and this will certainly become an issue everywhere once people get moving around again, only a matter of time. We are all so lucky, most places outside of North America have no choice, and no vaccine, millions are dying.
  12. Back woods logger driver carpentry , unmistakable, nothing more relaxing or comfortable to being 20 miles on the other side of the lake in an old cabin in the Maine Wilderness, with friends, fly rods, your dog and cold beer!!