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  1. A long, long time......that does not translate into this fall, which is just around the corner.....I will be thrilled to see it open in the fall....hopefully we keep progressing forward and getting better numbers every day...and this will be happening in Canada soon, let's keep our fingers crossed!!
  2. you make some good points and thoughts ....You are correct and it has been very clear over the years that some powerful clubs would groom areas locally beneficial to their club or lodges, inter connectivity is what this is about, that should work for everyone.
  3. Really looking forward to getting back there, life is not the same less 5k of Quebec Therapy!! The motorcycle if great...but not like sledding Quebec!!
  4. what's that saying..... if you are not busy are busy dying.
  5. If Canada is relying on lock downs and herd immunity, I think right now we can almost be guaranteed that we will not ride there this winter, I think vaccine is the only way to get this under control, I personally am not a doctor or scientist so it is very hard for me to critique scientists and doctors, all I can do is look at the math....more than half a million passed ....200 million shots, numbers going way down amongst those with shots, and the near future will be the answer to how safe it is in the longer term, they are still working night and day to make this better....when I look at countries like India with nearly 400k a day ....the course in the US looks to be a lot better path to travel......I want to stay alive so I have gone with the math, I got the shot, and so far so good , next few months will paint a much clearer picture to the best path back to normalcy. Lets hope we can get there sooner than later, I think the 1st of the year would probably be a miracle at this point.
  6. This whole thing is getting kind of crazy, those of us that have and are enduring, and learning every day are going back to normal living....I understand there is a difference in health care between the US and Canada....and I also understand for the most part that most all of the regular folks who live in each country have basically the same values .....I always hoped that the border was only to weed out those that are law breakers....I hope Canada can get over this hurdle sooner than later...everyone on both sides of the border are looking for things to go back to normal...only the people working in government are getting their regular pay and benefits during this ....I feel for you guys up there...and I am worried that another season , economically, will be a disaster for a lot of people. It is well past the time to figure this out and move on, it is happening here.
  7. very nice, and we need the water, better now than may.
  8. I wonder if it could be ordered, I think they have hit the jackpot here, should be in every place along the trail next winter....I hear if the border opens there is going to be one hell of a party!!
  9. I have witnessed a lot of people with TIA...seems they temporarily, with out notice, cannot stay on the right side of the trail...this explains it perfectly!!
  10. Yes, they were writing them in August, he probably has no idea what he has signed, and we don't either....this executive order trash , where you just do what you want.....Washington has moved from representing or governing...and thinking they know what is good for us....I am confident that all the real heroes and patriots will right this ship in the mid-terms. Patriots....a word some today are trying to associate with law breaking extremists.....totally wrong....real definition for me is...people who believe in hard work, prosperity, A moral compass/honor and most importantly....Freedom....I still think that there are enough to stand up and vote this back to where it belongs....and the way things are going....more people should be realizing we are heading in the wrong direction.
  11. really great marketing, all they got to do is open the border, should be a great seller next winter!
  12. Here is my big question...if the state or federal government is not going to pull up their trousers and stop these folks....WHO IS AND WHEN WILL IT END?????
  13. the crazies on the very far left and extreme right ...their voices and actions are drowning out any possible chance of moving forward in any normal manner, and it most certainly is getting worse, press plays to big a longer reports the news... either totally ignores it ....or only reports their side.....this kind of protest where you destroy billions of dollars of public and private property this past year....all these people belong in prison ....and they are getting a free chance it will get better until some real consequence starts to is not going to be peaceful stopping this...nor should it be, it just has to end...I can actually see this as a reason to keep the border closed...why should anyone accommodate this garbage....the first job of the government....any to keep the citizens safe...this looks like some scene from the middle east 30 years ago....absolute garbage!!
  14. 5 inches on the mountain last night, meet the snow plow on the way to work, it will all be gone by Saturday noon, nice while it lasted, we really need something , it was very dry.