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  1. Did it say anything about opening the border next year? Thanks
  2. So sad to hear about your brother in law. My condolences.
  3. Low snow = good year for deer.
  4. Have a quick recovery Bill, which I don't doubt cause he is a tough fella.
  5. jak

    Please pray

    Thank God everyone is ok. Good luck with rebuilding your property and your life.
  6. jak

    RDL Ride

    I like the way you tell your stories Ice, feels like your there with you both good and bad. Keep it up. Thanks
  7. jak

    Road Trip

    Doing the Gaspe?
  8. Thanks for the pictures Ice, your a lucky fella.
  9. Glad to see you got into some nice trails Mike! Stay safe and enjoy.
  10. jak

    Val D’or

    2 guys ate all them dogs? lol
  11. jak


    Don't use an 1 7/8" ball with a 2'' hitch. That will give you a rush.
  12. jak

    Ride report

    Your a lucky fella! Thanks for the report. Does your sled have the new suspension? If so much difference from previous style? Thanks