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  1. Quebec has 57% of its people vaccinated. They have said they might open the border at 75%. I know in Maine that after we hit the 50% mark the lines of people wanting to get vaccinated really dwindled, thus it could take quite a while to reach the 75% mark. Not sure if the same will happen in Quebec.
  2. I just checked the website for the Universel Hotel in RDL. It looks like the restaurants are closed except for takeout. And rooms are kept empty for 24 hours after a checkout (meaning there could be a huge room shortage at the hotel). These conditions and rules could make for a hard decision on whether to even bother to go to Quebec next winter. mike
  3. Just heard a news item that Canadian officials are now thinking of delaying the border opening until 75% of Canadians are vaccinated.
  4. Our group is vaccinated and no doubt enthused about this news. My only worry is if some precautions are still in place such as restaurant capacities, number of people allowed at a table etc., and also bar capacities, and will clubs bother to open their clubhouses. These are also part of the Quebec riding experience and could be a deciding factor in Quebec riding or another year in Maine.
  5. Quebec better ramp up the biere and vin production because we are coming!
  6. It's a fact: Dogs don't kill people. Guns kill people. And dogs are heroes. They stand at the front of the line to get heir vaccinations.
  7. You are my hero Blueblood, a touring sled and a performance sled. That was my plan for next year also but alas a financial snagfu shot the performance sled purchase down the drain. After twice renting Polaris VR1's this winter, I think you are going to love that sled. It is an absolute blast to ride. If I didn't occasionally ride solo sometimes, I would for sure trade the Renegade in for a Polaris.
  8. Imagine if Taiga could install a sound track that played out the sound of a two stroke triple triple!
  9. Sympathies Jim and Gemma. It has been a year so many have struggled, so many have felt sadness in their lives. My vaccine shot felt like a shot of hope for the future. mike
  10. I too am thinking the border may not open next year.
  11. This will not keep you out of Canada as long as you show up at all court hearings or pay the ticket.
  12. More info would help. Were you off trail next to the trail? Or did you go down a public road? I am not sure you explained exactly what you were doing or where you were that they claim you shouldn't have been.
  13. Is this how Dick Chaney waterboarded the captives at Quantonamo?