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  1. Yeah, all good here. Really nothing more than a mild cold for about 3 days. Both my wife Molly and I had it at the same time, so we got it out of the way together! She's still having problems with taste and smell which she finds quite annoying, but slowly getting better
  2. Just about 400 miles in Vermont, most of it good. Had planned on heading to Maine to maybe run into Mike Rider, but acquired that Corona thing and that sorta messed up sledding plans!
  3. JG, just curious, what's the reason for red painted lines on wood?
  4. I'll bet Don perked up when he heard JD, only to be let down a little by the green version!
  5. Hey Tom! The ride up to camp was great , low snow conditions up the rte 7 trail, but almost all was groomed, so not bad. Once we turned east everything improved dramatically. Just two of us this run, so we were fast the whole way, pulled into camp with 202 miles at just after 1:30. The new Oxygen helmet was great, appreciate all the feedback. -15 here this morning, so stoked the fires and sitting back in full relaxation mode.
  6. Thanks guys, appreciate the info! Headed out the door now, so we'll report back with results.
  7. Hey all, looking for some quick tips/advice! Just purchased a new Oxygen helmet this morning and I'm leaving in the morning for a 240 mile day up to my camp in northeast VT. Probably a risky move for first use, but time will tell. I know there have been lots of comments on here regarding this helmet, but just hoping for any helpful comments on what to expect. Leaving at 6am! Hope I don't regret leaving my BV2 at home. Thanks in advance......
  8. Mike, have you ridden to the trains before? Pretty cool to see, and not very far from Libby's. Looks like you guys are hitting it right, send lots of pics!
  9. Through NH. Have done it through Canada as well, I think total miles was around 230
  10. Used to be a decent bar/restaurant just north of Bishops on same side of road, ate there a few times. Have stayed at Sally mountain before also, he's a good customer of mine, name is Corey. I can leave on my sled from camp in VT and be in Jackman in about 180 miles, maybe we can get together this winter to share a Vino! Is George along for the ride?
  11. You staying at Bishops Mike? Probably only place still left?
  12. Top pic is Clova, correct?
  13. I already zoomed in on that buck Smclelan.....a beauty indeed! It's a big 8pt, probably scoring close to 150".
  14. 'can almost see toes of the moose'........ that's funny JG!