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  1. That will be a truly exciting experience. More power than you will need but great to have.
  2. How about a wind mill mounted to the front bumper.
  3. What about the smell of a 2 stroker burning Koltz oil.
  4. Where I work the new Bobcat electric lawn mowers came in. No belts. Each moving component has its own motor. Good for 6 hour's of mowing on a charge. It really just hums when the mowers are engaged. They have sold them all that have came in. The 72 inch goes for 35 thousand plus. I told them I would demo them anytime. Should be interesting.
  5. I'm glad to read others reactions to this guys riding. He is why I like riding in Quebec where most do respect the trails and other riders. I hope more people respond to how crazy this video is on the way he is riding. Everyone has had close encounters with other sleds but meeting him on a trail would be a lot more than a close encounter.
  6. Same here Jack only I didn't have a new sled sitting in my trailer. My kid did come home and rode about 200 miles around here. Not the same as Quebec. Call us spoiled but that's the way it is. Now I may need some support next year on how to have a brand new sled in the trailer and can't ride it if the border doesn't open up. We have new 850 renegades coming. Have a great summer.
  7. Get better soon Bill. When you ride as many miles as he has odds are a little crash in order. We should all think about that. See you next year Bill. A friend always George
  8. Yes, truck driving. They get though the southern border in trucks. I think I could get 10 sleds and a enclosed area big enough for 10 men. We had a large loader bucket come over and the driver told me he barely stopped. What about custom agents. Government should be saving money because they should be laid off. RIGHT.
  9. Groomer has the ducks always stayed in that river all winter or is something new.
  10. I live on the border and truckers say it's really easy to cross. It seems it hasn't effected the trade between the two countries. This is good but does the virus hide in any imported or exported materials. Only a question.
  11. I don't really want to put anyone over the edge but my kid has a friend from Alberta who is ready to declare war on his own government. He said if he comes to the states and goes back he would have to get a covid test done by the government of their design at the cost of 2 thousand dollars. Then go to a hotel for 36 hours with a cost of 2000 dollars. If a positive test comes back you will have to go to a government facility of unknown place and after 2 weeks if you make it you will have to pay a unknown amount. Now before I get jumped on let's hear from our Canadian friends to hear what is really going on. Oh yes he deals in the oil industry in Alberta that Biden just shut down. Are we ever going to get to ride in Quebec again and I'm serious about that.
  12. I agree with everything you said but in new York you get pulled over for DWI and now they write a ticket and tell you to drive slower going home. Hell in new York city you can shot some one and get sent home.
  13. Is that that bridge just north of Perce on rt. 5.
  14. Can anyone remember party lines and having to talk to a operator. I think there was 4 on our line. There was no secrets .
  15. One thing for sure is there will be no one from the states there.