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  1. This was a pilot program they tried out in Gaspe region for the past two years. I think it makes sense. However it is far from being accepted by all the clubs province wide. I believe like everything else you will never make everyone happy. I like the $70 for each hour of surfacing. Very good idea.
  2. I knew nothing of this. Perhaps someone here can explain it more? Objectif 2020 vu par un motoneigiste apres 2 ans&request_locale=fr Objective 2020 project seen by a snowmobiler after 2 years Denis Lavoie President, Senior Columnist - Bas-Saint-Laurent // Gaspésie 2021-05-07 In recent weeks, we have seen several newspaper articles as well as various social media posts about the Objectif 2020 project initiated by the FCMQ. Opinions differ greatly and are often decided. Some are for it while others are fiercely opposed. Among those who oppose it are usually the bigger clubs which can count on a strong membership. They are naturally against the sharing of the money between the various clubs in the province. A bit of history ... Let’s go back in time ... A little over fifteen years ago, FCMQ clubs set up an equalization system to help smaller clubs make ends meet. Along with this, since the early 2000s there have been numerous club mergers. So we went from around 240 to 198 clubs in 20 years. All of this has had an impact on the quality of the trails over time. However, we see that some big clubs are practically rolling gold while others are pulling the devil by the tail. This definitely has an impact on the maintenance of the trails and therefore on the quality of these. Objective 2020 project seen from a snowmobiler There are several reasons for this situation, such as the proximity of clubs in major centers, the number of kilometers of trails maintained, the snow level, the average length of a season, the type of terrain (plain, hilly or mountainous), the reality local climate ... We can therefore end up with a club of 3000 members which has 75 kilometers of trails to maintain and whose average season lasts 3 or 4 weeks. While another club with 150 members maintains 140 km for 12 weeks ... It does not take a master's degree in accounting to see the contrast between these two examples ... The current equalization system was a step in the right direction, but it does not strike the right balance across the network. The objective of the Objectif 2020 project is to better distribute financial resources in order to offer snowmobilers the same quality of trail, wherever they ride and regardless of the time of the season. I can understand that some clubs are reluctant to adhere to this model since they will then have to assume a substantial loss of income. Some say the 2020 Goal strips Paul to dress Peter. If we only look at the local point of view, it may seem true, but shouldn't we look at it from a more provincial point of view? But what is this new method of financing? In the proposed mode, each of the clubs receives: $ 200 per kilometer of trail $ 10 per member $ 70 for each hour of surfacing These amounts could be adjusted over time to optimize the system. The big advantage is that clubs get paid for every hour of surfacing done. For smaller clubs, this often allows them to go from one outing per week to two or even three, for example. This has a direct impact on the quality of the trails. Clubs no longer have to adjust their surfacing schedules to the available balance in their bank account. Objective 2020 project seen from a snowmobiler Snowmobilers' expectations As a snowmobiler, what are our expectations of the clubs when we buy our right of access? Of course, we expect them to offer us safe, well-signposted trails, which give us access to the main services, but what is important is that these same trails are well maintained and on a regular basis. throughout the season. In addition, the reality today is that we risk driving our snowmobile on the trails of several clubs in the same day. What is the point of having impeccable trails on a club's territory if you end up on completely destroyed trails in neighboring clubs? What will you take away from your snowmobile day? As part of the Objectif 2020 project, apart from mechanical breakdown or unfavorable weather conditions, clubs will theoretically have no more excuses for not adequately maintaining the trails in their territory throughout the season. The snowmobilers are the winners! My observations after two seasons of the pilot project I am fortunate to live on the edge of the Bas-St-Laurent and Gaspésie regions. We are usually very fortunate in terms of the amount of snow and the average length of the season. However, there are also several clubs in the eastern part of the province with a very low membership. Over the past two years, the Gaspé clubs have been part of the pilot project. So I had a front row seat to see the impacts directly on the trails. Objective 2020 project seen from a snowmobiler For my part, I have seen an increase in the frequency of surfacing in the majority of clubs in the Gaspé. This is all the more marked at the very end of the season. Even in times of high traffic, the quality of the trails has improved. So I feel like I'm getting more for my money if you want. I cannot speak for all snowmobilers, however, my expectations when buying my right of access are simple: no matter where I am, I want to be able to ride on well-maintained trails, with good signage and well. heard safe! Plus, I want to be able to do it for as long as the snow conditions allow. Everything else is secondary to me. I'm sure my vision is the same for the vast majority of trail snowmobile enthusiasts. So the Objectif 2020 Project, with all due respect to its detractors, has the potential, over time, to improve the general quality of conditions within the 30,000 km of groomed trails in Quebec. Basically, that's all the 100,000 members crave. Is this your case? We look forward to seeing you on the trails next season!
  3. You been warned. He makes an excellent point.
  4. I love the people posting on FB that they are Vaccinated. This is proof of the mentality level. One shot and they are Vaccinated. Ok then.
  5. It’s all just politics isn’t it?
  6. Shots here working like this. first shot then 3 months before second shot. Seems stupid to me 3 months between injections.
  7. I hear ya. They ain’t experimenting on me either.