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  1. Can you say experimental? Cause it’s being QC tested on everyone who takes it.
  2. I just hope no one is eating anymore bats. What an unfortunate event. Eating a simple bat and look at the mess we are in. #chinavirus #bendoverandtakeit
  3. Got nothing new on next door.
  4. The Hotel was able to buy the land in back of hotel. They will construct mini-houses to rent as part of the hotel. 24 total when finally completed.
  5. Except his registration is marked non transferable. And if I understand correctly he lives in New Jersey.
  6. For your sleds that say non-transferable, did you have a loan at all when you first got them? If you did then you need to show proof that the loan has been paid I think to get a transferable registration. Just like a clean title for a car when you sell it. For your friend, I think it’s not gonna be easy. I made the same mistake but mine was entering Canada with my jeep without filing paperwork. I could not register it in Quebec. They wanted me to return to the USA with it. Then file paperwork to export to Canada and then cross it back in. Nightmare. Finally I got lucky and got hooked up with a customs officer at the port of Trois Riveres. I brought jeep there he looked it over. Just checked VIN number and my title and he filled out necessary papers I needed to go register it here in Quebec. I got lucky. Your friend may have to cross into Canada then come back to USA side and declare he is importing sled bought in Canada. Probably pay duty and any other fees and show All paperwork from dealer he bought it from.
  7. Not essily is the short answer. the sled needs to be exported to the USA , then registered in state he lives in then he can sell it. there is a process for exporting it from Canada to USA. Contact the DMV in your state and start there. You may need to bring sled back into Canada then export it back into USA to get the proper paperwork from border.
  8. The news is the problem government propaganda turn it off
  9. Echo variant coming soon. Keep the fear going.
  10. No they would never lie to us