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  1. I'm in, ready to show my card to get across. Then maybe I can run the 2021 four stroke I bought for Canada, and not just Vermont.
  2. Is this at the ferry crossing inTadoussac?
  3. The chicken joint, L'Etape?
  4. Looks like I will be doing the same thing. Head to Island Pond, park the truck, load the tote sled and head ten miles up Lewis pond road to the Poker Palace Camp. the person that owns the camp is very kind in letting us ride out of his camp. we do the same thing, get the ride in early, chill for a while, and decided where we are going to visit. If I can't cross the border it's the best place to ride in Vermont.
  5. I want to know, if I can plug in my scanner to trouble shoot problems with it. LOL
  6. Thanks for the M-20 ride, was heading out on that trail before we all had to shut down. That will be on the list early next season, guess that trail is not much of a secret anymore.
  7. Alain, thank you for the ride. Now I have to cancel my reservations for the five day saddlebag trip that was planned for this week due to the Coronavirus. Guess I will order the new sled this week instead of next week.
  8. mccaffrey

    M&M 9.0

    Glad to see our group is not the only ones that fails at trying for and early start ahead of other groups, it's usually not from the food the night before.
  9. Thank you for the great trip report, going to have to look at starting from Vermont.