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  1. yes I heard that as well. was big business in the fall. Now those that flew down have now been flying back to border states and taking a Taxi across to avoid the stay at the local motel at a mandated $3K cost. Apparently the taxi places are heavily booked.
  2. Last couple of days more noise on the border crossing here. I would think by fall there will be crossings. Likely need to confirm fully vaccinated and still provide a test for now. I would say it depends on how if any this new variant impacts the numbers and existing vaccines. If I was a bettering man I would be booking my rooms
  3. Ordered a new Mach Z, first ski-doo since 2006 to see what I think. Excited about the new suspension feature. I may have also ordered a new Tcat with EPS but in case my wife troll's this I can't confirm or deny this. Having driven an Apex in 11 with the EPS i though that was the greatest option to sleds and with a bad back this may keep me going a bit longer.
  4. If that's Roberts I used to buy there when he had Yamaha and the dollar exchange wasn't so bad Can't say a Lynx is a sled for me though. New Mach is coming though 😎
  5. All good for sure. But isn't there some unwritten rule not to take pictures of us guys when we're making yellow snow 🙂 Looks like a couple
  6. Maybe 1000 miles, poor year but the rides were all good! Next year will be different 🙂
  7. Like I said I only took the good pictures 🙂 Ya but overall in the bush and areas was still good. But this week is warm and sunny and late week a looooot of rain. Bye bye snow. I was only born in the 60's and I don't recall having a problem with my 72 Polaris Did you get much riding in this season? It would be interesting to start a poll and see what people were able to get mileage wise this season and how they filled their time. I know my wife saw more of me that she wanted. I think in the end all I got was maybe a 1000 miles.
  8. Likely did pass. Lots of folks out this weekend and lots of Ontario plates in the parking lot. We heard snow coverage was low most of the winter in that area of relais 22. I had wanted to go that route but was concerned about coverage. What did you order for next season?
  9. With a look of the oncoming weather forecast we figured we better make one for run. Bad season for us and yes I know better than many of yours but still So a look at the map and not a lot of opportunities for a weekend run within a reasonable truck ride. Lots of red trails. So we opted for out safe bet area and said Saint Ann du Lac and north. Called around and not a lot of space. Appears others had the same idea. Clova full, Parent full, Windigo closed, Kanawata closed except for gas. 100 Lac's room! So we finished work Friday and hit the road. Wanted to stay in Saint Ann, but you guessed it full. Comfort Inn has rooms. She says there's no snow. Silly lady of course there's snow if you know where to look. Obviously she's not in charge of marketing & tourism. We wanted St Hubert for dinner but they have to close for 9pm with the curfew. Hammer down I want by bird. Ordered ahead and pulled in at 8;58pm. All good well delicious actually 🙂 Woke the next morning and it was a bit different than our last start. Included the picture from Jan 16 2021. Off we go to Tim's and then off to Saint Ann. Parking was hard to find trucks everywhere today. Unload and off we go. Lake frozen and some snow. Good start. End of lake to the orange trail. Lots of dirt. Dogging here & there for snow but after a few miles conditions improve. Once on the way it actually was very good. Plan today was ride up to parent for lunch and then back track to 100 Lacs. Not a lot of options. Passed lots of sleds, great to see people getting in a last ride. Chatted with some riders at Fer Cheval for a while no rush today. Came across some sledders with rad issues. Fixed them up with a can of rad leak fix. Not sure why they're surprised I had some. Doesn't every one carry this? Onwards to Parent. Expecting it to be nasty once we got closer to Parent. Yep but actually not as bad as i was expecting. Gassed up got some munchies from the store and pulled across the road. Group of 9 Cats also there enjoying life. After a nice break off we go to 100 Lacs. Haven't been on this trail in many many years but it was good & fun. Pulled in just before 4. Saw the gas man out so figured better to do it now. Was a little concerned with quality as he's now pumping out of some portable tank, all main tanks are done. Well I made it back so it turned out it was fine. Parked the sled and with the sun shining ordered some cold beers to enjoy outside and talk with some of the others now arriving. Great end to the day. 6;30 dinner call. Beef or Trout. We opted for the beef, came with salad, soup and marble cake. All served in our rooms still. Well considering there's no shooters allowed and wifi sucked i called it an early night. Breakfast call at 7;30 and choice of eggs or French toast. I tool the latter. Maple syrup was yummy. Paid may bill and off we go. Trails were crunchy this morning. They froze up over night so ride wasn't as spectacular early going. We wanted to go back via Meekos but heard snow was scarce between Meekoos and Saint Ann. So we opted for the safe run back. A noteable difference of snow felt since yesterday. We can hear her singing. Heading across the lake today it was glare ice. Our sleds did not like this. My buddy's shuts off about 1/2 mile from the end, mine was hot so we wait a few minutes its not far we can almost see our truck. He starts and able to go. I start and it won't move. Check the belt and its fine. Crap did i damage something here? Pull out the rope and buddy's son is going to pull me home. Well a group of riders show up. We met them yesterday and one was actually getting his sled brought back with us as his partner had to abort yesterday. So he says lift the sled and hit the track. Couldn't believe it. Track was melted to the slides. First time I ever experienced this or even heard of this. Well start it up and off we go. In the truck and loaded by 11am. We know its our last run and this is way early for us as usually our last is early April. We were still beaming because it was a great weekend be it short and will talk about it for some time. A few pictures of the day. Just the good trails! Will also see a picture I took a few weeks back locally around my place of a moose. He was on the trail and I just stopped and waited for him to mossy on. Hoping for all of us that next winter brings us all back to the trails and back supporting the outfitters, mom & pop places we have come to love. Hopefully they will still be there for us next winter. Stay well and support local.
  10. Was thinking of heading that way as well this weekend & leaving from St Anne du lac. What intel have you heard from other outfitters regarding trails and places open?
  11. Too bad on the trip. I think last year or the other it got cut short as well. Hoping to be down there this weekend and based on your intel i think we will drive through to Rimouski. Which place in Rimouski would you suggest that's closest to the trails and likely less road running? I knew Alain had a Ford before i saw the pictures. I own one for that reason alone. The door keypad. Leave the key in the console and if stranded anyone can get in and come to our rescue. In the summer go to the beach or whatever and leave the key. I wish the others would have this feature not that Ford is terrible, GM rides nicer though. Glad to hear you're giving it another go later this week. We all look forward to your stories.
  12. Let us know if you run into any others like this. Will be going in March, I think-hope Thanks
  13. This is a rare item as they are no longer offered Changes helmets a few years back and time to clean up $60 CA plus the ride PM if interested Thanks for looking
  14. MFGS are making bigger gauges as we are all getting old and loosing our eyesight I'm told