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  1. Yea, the back of your neck can get cold. Otherwise GREAT helmet.
  2. Everyone can make solar panels problem solved ! !
  3. Holy Shit !! That's pretty scary.
  4. They work perfectly. I lease a Tahoe, I’m on number 8. So every time they change the body style I have to get new towing mirrors !
  5. Up for grabs. Pay for shipping and their yours.
  6. Mid week is only way to go. Thanks for the pics
  7. I’ll be with a group of guys riding out of Oxbow,north and then back. Heading up Sunday and riding Monday through Friday heading home on Saturday. It’s supposed to get cold so that should help things I hope.
  8. And the sad part is it could really happen !!
  9. Hey, would you like a hot dog ? No, I'll have six !! LOL
  10. As always, thanks so much for your video and report. Your really getting us from south of the border all worked up !! Thanks again
  11. LOL ! That's the first thing that came to mind $$$ impressive rig though
  12. Well plan B fell apart as there is limited snow in Maine. We are now shooting for Feb. 7 and staging a bit further North. Pray for a storm or two ! !