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  1. Wow ! I certainly don’t remember that. That must be 30 + yrs ago We may all be needing a nursing home pretty soon . 😁
  2. Wow, The Roquemont has really changed in the last 20 yrs or so ! ! I guess for the better, Microbrewery is real nice but the restaurant is always busy now. Can’t wait to get back !
  3. I saw this at the beach the other day 👍
  4. The owner of Bulldog has done a ton of work in the 17 years he’s been there. Most if not all the cabins have renovated, clean and comfortable. New lodge is 5-6 years old and beautiful with a 3 bedroom house on top in the back for himself. We went with the meal plan and food was great and lunch to go while out riding.
  5. 201 Powersports well great to deal with. One machine had problems ,they met us at the road crossing with a new machine. And An hour later same guy ,side wall tear. Again they met us at the next road crossing with a new tire. After that things went smoothly.
  6. 201 Power Sports. They’re in Bingham, with locations in Northern Outdoors and Jackman. 2021 Polaris sportsman 570 EPS . Nice machines for rentals, comfortable ride as we hit some REAL nasty trails. Ended up with 200+ miles in 3 days.
  7. We did the same last week near Jackman Maine. We rented ATV’s in Jackman and stayed at Bulldog Camps just south of Jackman. We rode 3 days and chilled the rest of the week. Hiking, swimming and wood burning sauna 👍
  8. Yea, the back of your neck can get cold. Otherwise GREAT helmet.
  9. Everyone can make solar panels problem solved ! !
  10. Holy Shit !! That's pretty scary.
  11. They work perfectly. I lease a Tahoe, I’m on number 8. So every time they change the body style I have to get new towing mirrors !
  12. Up for grabs. Pay for shipping and their yours.