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  1. That single horse power has a lot of Torque!!
  2. Sorry to hear about your loss, Condolences to you and family.
  3. I think their sleds and trailer are stored in Quebec year round .That may be the reason no ride reports!
  4. Get well soon Bill!
  5. If you are from NY you need a PA registration, others no!
  6. What you don't know can't hurt you!
  7. Maybe Towing can figure a way to do live "Zoom" or "Teams" ride a long and we down here can have our cell or I pad on our machines and "dream ride" with them live?
  8. Happy Birthday , Jean Guy! Mario & Chris.
  9. That's what I read as well, but now a tiger at the Bronx zoo has tested positive for covid-19, this guy may have to look for a different outfit!