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  1. *Changed the Like, I appreciate info, and Liking it is more for the effort not the content, changed to Thanks. I dont think they are right, Ive been up for days reading articles on this, and I feel the government is hiding something, and a few of us "in the know" realize it.... A new article just popped up, how did they know I wanted to read it , this is great! or is it..... Unfortunately it has become Un-Social Media. Later GutZ
  2. well... -New Exit Shocks in the Front ( slightly used, if you count the tuning process ) -HD Custom Front and Rear Bumpers. -Heated Seat -New Larger Windshield -FAST Air Middle Shock, Custom Controllers for it. -ISO Vibe. Powder Coated. Yup all for 200.00 Got a deal....... LOL, im screwed! GutZ
  3. But who do you trust less; Russia's\His political party or our Parties.... both\all want to take over the USA! LOL GutZ
  4. I am afraid of getting Covid, and my wife selling all my snowmobile stuff for what I told her I spent on it to pay medical bills!!!!!! LOL!! GutZ
  5. And then realize it's 260 days away!!! GutZ
  6. Is your last name Lester?????? Next you'll be saying that the 1200 has throttle lag.... HAHAHA! GutZ
  7. Hahahaha... Great now bring Guns into it...... I have no problem with almost anyone having a gun ( Or Drinking, a little Weed, etc... ( Time and Place for all things), but lets be reasonable, if you're trying to buy a sniper rifle on the "Down low" maybe don't give that guy ( Gal\Guy\Non- Binary) the weapon. Some people should be denied a weapon, I wish we had a fair way to judge "Who" qualifies and "Who" manages that. No one likes the Gov' dictating anything. Not all criminals should be denied, Not all Non-Criminals should be allowed.... ( I should not have a gun.... Poor Gun Control ( Can't hit the side of a Barn).... but there are several serious implications both ways. I believe if I want you dead... a Spoon works, Hands, etc.... I dont need a gun...LOL Later GutZ
  8. They speak Quebecois in France too? They must have immigrated to France at some point..... LOL GutZ
  9. Condolences to you and your family. GutZ
  10. Click the Gear in the lower right, subtitles, auto translate, click English, it should then show translated French to English subs. ( most likely literal translations) Or get Ice to watch it and translate it on the fly, but he needs to do all the voices too.... GutZ
  11. Ice-Landia is very harsh on diplomats..... I should have stayed in the consulate.... LOL GutZ