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  1. Haha, You are right !! Dont make a poison with out making the antidote first! GutZ
  2. Since the Experimental Vax my Tail is growing back!! Yes,, But Coronal Viruses are not new... that's why there is a number after it, otherwise it would be "The Coronal" virus, not COVID 2019\19. A Vax works similar to a Wanted Poster at the Post Office, If this guy ( Corona Virus ) shows up do this: "Hide your Valuables, Lock up your Daughter, make this Anti-body" So if you already know how to make the wanted poster that looks alot like "The Guy" , you just need to tweak it a bit, Add a moustache, bushy Eye-Brows, and little scar on his cheek. Now when he shows up the race is on! If you can make a "defensive front" faster than the virus is replicating, due to the flattened Bio-Learing Curve afforded by the Vax, You Win!! This is why Vax'd people can spread it until the race is over. Not a cure, a Vax. The Tweaked Vax for C19 ( Sounds like Race Gas ) is\or could be considered experimental due to the Tweaks, but it is not a radical departure. I just want to also say both sides will use any portion of the facts to sensationalize it to their benefit. With the help of the Media. Later GutZ
  3. LOL... Would you want a Vax from China..... There's the "Lowest Cost Provider" and then there's China..... QC is just an added cost!!! Although they did QC it on their own people..... hahaha GutZ
  4. Cant just blame the Bats!! The pangolin deserves part of the credit!!! LOL And they look so tasty! hahahah!!!
  5. Maybe all our Quebec Friends can come to Maine! GutZ
  6. I'm taking bets on the Border Closing before it even opens. Wife just told me they are rolling back Mask Mandates here. It was soooo close !!! GutZ
  7. I saw the ads for the Gamma Variant and its a doozey! LOL GutZ
  8. Now the Moose are Hooked on Grass! Could be a gateway drug.... Another revenue stream or untapped market!? G, you may be on to something..... GutZ
  9. Nope, got into G's Rouge Stash at the camp!! Too much of the good stuff does that to you..... GutZ
  10. I Believe, I Believe!!!! *** I also Believe in Santa Clause, BigFoot ( Not the Monster Truck, that's fake ), and the tooth fairy. GutZ
  11. It really would be, "we all" get info 2nd, 3rd hand, filtered more than playing Telephone in middle school. GutZ
  12. Did you check out the indoor sled wash and parking area? Tell Olivier we missed seeing him last year. GutZ
  13. SMclelan Sorry to hijack your tread. GutZ
  14. Well..... It now only steers to the left..... 3 lefts make a right.... Now prior to it , it did not steer at all...... so.... take what you can get! LOL GutZ