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  1. Just saw a national advertisement for children 12 and over to get jabbed, no list of side affects, or warnings, no consult your doctor!!!! CDC, and WHO! Both say don't give it to children under 18 ,we must be following the $cience. Bill before congress to mandate it for all , without parental notice at the schools Social segregation, mandatory drugs, gun control for law abiding citizens only, history repeating itself? They are making there move ,either counter act or submit, getting crazy Sorry for the rant 5 months to riding!!!!
  2. Thank you for the pictures, always a pleasure to see,
  3. Just imagine the commercial when or if it gets FDA approval, it will be a laundry list of side effects ending with Death 5 Texas legislators all vaccinated got Covid, 2 cruise ship passengers vaccinated got covid, they call it break through, I call it typical vaccine 50% protection at best ever with decades of trying with influenza BUT this one 95% effective nooooo side effects, just take it or else ,trust us Dr Fakee wouldn't lie to you
  4. Skidoo420 and I got followed 25 miles back to the border by a local cop in Quebec because the truck had a temporary registration. He then pulled into border patrol to let them know to arrest us if we came back. We were not offered a free place to live, free health insurance, foodstamps, and an invitation to bring anyone we said was family into the country for all of the same Just saying!!!!!
  5. Oh and if it was really about stopping the spread of the virus??? Dr. Fakee would be in president potatoes office telling him to close the border tighter than a ducks Ass. But they don't they are letting them in by the HUNDREDS of thousands untested, unvaccinated and spread all over the country, Great way to stop the spread of a deadly? Virus, they must be following the science of stupidity
  6. Not free in America!! were all paying ,dollar is already falling in value, If your vaccinated and I'm not how am I a danger to you unless vaccine doesn't work!!!! Delta variant, UK varient African variant all 99.97% survival rate They banned cheap treatments that are out of patent must get vaccine All about the $$$$$$
  7. Agreed but why this virus ,no arm bands for swine flu, hr1, or regular flu which has never had vaccination rate above 50%, if you have had covid your protected , taking a experimental vaccine when you have natural antibodies is foolish especially when CDC numbers are 7000 deaths from the vaccine in 5 months,and they state this is only a small percentage that get reported 2020 influenza deaths 300 in 12 months ,2019 36 deaths Heard immunity doesn't work now It's all about $$$$$$$$
  8. They based their shares$ on every man women and child getting vaccinated. Numbers don't work if there are holdouts. Get vaccinated even if it kills you!!!!!!
  9. Great pictures as usual JG. Thank you for posting, the moose look to be very healthy good to see, Maine moose are struggling tics and other issues Enjoy the summer keep the pictures coming love seeing them all
  10. Stopped believing anything from anyone when they said wear a mask ,that says will not protect from viruses on the box from the manufacturer just saying!!!!!
  11. I saw a Quebec plate in Maine Memorial day weekend, I believe they fly into the country and ship the vehicle over the boarder,that's how Canadians got to Florida this winter. So I heard??
  12. Great job I think I'm going to do that each year but don't get doing other things ,then oh no it's time to go riding
  13. I hear you ,to each thier own but I have Hesitancy the vaccine causes bad reactions ,four thousand have passed from the vaccine in 4 months typically only a few hundred a year from flue shot just saying But to ride the best trails I may have to roll the dice Of course it all depends on if society will revert to armbands to identify the non compliant and abandon hipa laws New world order!!!!!
  14. Thank you JG for the amazing pictures, keeping my heart warm until we can get back up there. Appreciate your effort to keep the pictures coming such a beautiful area you live in
  15. Probably not According to what I saw when you return into Canada they are testing you and driving you to a covid hotel for release upon negative test result and a quarantine period, no questions asked no choice in the matter! Staying until Trudeau says you can go home. That's there own people