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  1. bonsoir !!! took my first ride since , 8-10-12 days... warmer...and very windy ... tomorrow , should be my first weekend at my camp.... jean-guy
  2. bonjour !!! back from a pirouette along the river !!! jean-guy
  3. throat always dry ......need more juice !!! forgot to mention is a bit more than 6 miles from logging rd.....and warming hut about 3 jean-guy
  4. yaaa...for sure a bit too close to the road...summer time...i don t like dust in my glass of wine !!! ...but winter...must be very nice to look at the traffic by the window i heard a few years ago...some nice big cabins up there jean-guy
  5. just to give you an idea... on the other post ...pic of the 595 sign ...right at the intersection ...looking toward faribault camp jean-guy
  6. bonjour smclelan roughly 10-12 miles...hard to tell ...first time there by truck since gps was a little bit rusty... did nt go to fast ...lots of curve and narrow at many places... yaaaa...thats hog's back !!! jean-guy
  7. looks like some big clubs are going to have '' la baboune '' for a while !!! jean-guy
  8. bonsoir !!! this morning , i woke up with 2 left foot, no camp ... but around noon , i decided to go up logging least up to the 84 see a bit of mt albert... but landed at the 99....and up the mountains on trail 595 ... left before 2 pm ...and back at 8 pm ...windy all day jean-guy
  9. back from my camp... still raining ....snowing way up the hills !!! met a few tourists !!! jean-guy
  10. chez nous , cest skidoo !!! jean-guy
  11. bonjour !!! memories !!! may 6 th ....2020 ....and snowing lightly this morning jean-guy
  12. bonjour smclelan !!! wrong answer.....the one who was there ,first time you came to camp... did nt ask ...last night or this morning .... snowed a bit there yesterday heavy traffic at municipal airport this morning jean-guy
  13. bonjour !!! my friend spent the weekend at the camp.....just sent me that pic.... i was there yesterday for the first time with my truck !!! jean-guy
  14. bonjour !!! yaaa...was waiting for that ... r d l is roughly 150 miles from here....rimouski , 75 pics of the partridge....spent close to half an hr there....partridge was '' clapping '' her wings....his girlfriend was next to me....talking alone jean-guy
  15. bonjour !!! yesterday afternoon ride... few partridges.....4 beaver sand 3 moose !!! jean-guy