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  1. bonjour !!! just back from dealership...met a friend...trucker on logging rd.....and a ski doo rider...asked him about the guy who landed in the brook at the 4 miles..... he fell asleep... btw, lots of tourista on the road....and many slo-mo !!!....i ll never move to a big city jean-guy
  2. good morning playhard !!! merci !!! jean-guy
  3. bonsoir je me souviens and p hardy merci....yaaaa...the in the gaspesie...we use it for back rub or comb our beard !!!😀 seriously , for cleaning the ground for futur plantation ....guy did a great job.....pile of debris are straight ...nice work normally , norwegian spruce is the most popular here... pic with 4w on the bridge....that was the trail ( local ) for the faribault camp back in the late 90's....connecting with 595 ..70 miles from town to faribault jean-guy
  4. bonsoir !!! few pics......nice weekend til last night ....maybe a front wheel bearing or the shaft kaputt !!! mom in the middle of the road...yesterday morning leaving camp... jean-guy
  5. sorry ,just saw your post fyi ,volunteering is very gratifying !!! you could make tons of new friends !!! after supper, you could be our waiter ...if you still in '' shape ''' !!!😀 jean-guy
  6. bonsoir quebec bob and playhard !!! absolutely ,for sure more '' ding-ding-ding '' in the cab than me...and a few quebec swears the guy is safe.... i checked on my way back tonight ,if he met another truck lost in the dust .....and the edge of the straight down , if he cut his corner too much .....ding -ding -ding in the brook ... must have been very costly , the towing was coming from a few miles east of rimouski ... grey sky this morning wind at all...just dead....dust was staying there....tough on my air filters !!! jean-guy
  7. good morning !!! sure, he felt on the right side !!! lucky in his bad luck they were done at 1 pm., while i was having lunch ...could hear the towing leaving !!! jean-guy
  8. bonsoir scorpionbowl !!! just too bad...could have been fun to spend a few days at my camp and do some firewood ....with the help of smclelan !!! we have s a q at the grocery and a few depanneurs in town...just fine to go at my camp !!! jean-guy
  9. bonsoir gutz !!! hahah....i could make extra money .....become rich a new sled and groomer and wave at all the old ladies around town !!!😀 a bit colder today .. pic....not mine...on my way to work the 4 miles ....they don t know the cause of the accident ...maybe the driver stole the grass of the moose... its a mile before where i work ....since the dug a ditch earlier this spring on the left side of the road ....very narrow... jean-guy
  10. bonsoir poltodoo !!! bienvenue !!!....great way to spend summer...must hurry up to post ,i told to a member last week ,that im in bed by 9 15 pm !!!😀 jean-guy
  11. bonjour playhard and gutz !!! you big city people.....both wrong !!!...ahaha too much '' racing grass ''😀 look at my pics !!!😀 up to 37 c this afternoon !!! jean-guy
  12. bonsoir p hardy !!! right !!! nice color of the hair ....healthy !!! i missed a mom + 2021 calf last night ...both running 50' away from me... then , i was on my way to turn right at an intersection ...saw something shinning was a bull ...saw him for a few seconds on the road pics, spent 20 mins with that mom....i went to 50' from her...not shy ...she was having lunch jean-guy
  13. bonjour !!! few pics.....just too bad , saw 6 last night ,but only able to take pics of one.....others were running ....nice bull ... 4 deer in the morning !!! jean-guy
  14. bonjour ... fyi ,awake at 4 am .....and i was on qr around 5 20 am......alone......looks like some enjoyed their bed time !!!😁 jean-guy
  15. hahha normally my day ends around 7 15 ...7 30 pm...and bed time 9 15 max... i don t work with a pencil and a cell and not seating on a 1000.00$$$ leather chair when i sit down at work ....on an old stump 😁 see you tomorrow !!!...ahahaha jean-guy