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  1. Any rooms available at the Copper?
  2. Love it! You have a way with your words.
  3. when there was snow ....part 3 april 3 th ....08 last run on tq 5 !!! jean-guy Jean-Guy, It looks like there was still alot of snow in 2008, why was that your last trip on the TQ5?
  4. Jean-Guy, Do you remember any previous winters like this one? Very low snow in your area all winter and it looks like the riding is kaputt in your area already. I have ridden up there in mid to late April and remember more snow than you have now.
  5. PINKM1


    We are in Murdochville and can't get anywhere. 16" since yesterday. Oh well another night at the Copper!
  6. I wonder how many members of "our" club joined simply because of you, Jean-Guy? I know that I did and I bet I'm not the only one. Best of luck. You will be sorely missed. Scott
  7. Jean Guy, So sorry to hear about your "sports car" but like Terry said maybe the new one will be even better with lots of Ponies! I will be headed up in a couple weeks hopefully we can get together at the club or meet you on the trails. Scott
  8. "Bill" are you running incognito????
  9. Holy shit...70L / 80L dry bags. Do you guys carry your food too?
  10. Groomer, Great pictures as always, Merci'. Have you ever had any close calls or been chased by a moose in your time in the woods taking pictures. I know once on my snowmobile I had a cow drop her ears, raised her neck hairs at me and started trotting towards me, I yelled (screamed maybe) at her and she decided that I wasn't worth the effort...
  11. Jean-Guy I hope you are feeling all of the love from those of us who follow you and appreciate all your posts on QR. See you later this winter.