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  1. Alain- Great report. We saw you at the Glaciere and wanted to say hi, but you took off before we got around to it. I am actually the Sasquatch looking thing on the right of your first picture!! We basically did the same run but ventured over to Saint Michel. The trail was good, but very rocky on the Saint Michel side. Just a note to anyone venturing out inthe St Zenon area. Trails have been moved, detoured and or closed and the signage was not all up. With more snow and more grooming the trails will be more evident and more signage up. My buddy ended up taking some logging road on the way to the dam and we got spilt up for over an hour. Not a pleasant feeling.. It's snowing like crazy now, It's only going to get better. Alain next time I see you I'll make a point of introducing myself- We crossed each other 3 times on the trails on Sunday- I had the Red Polaris and my buddy had the Black XTX.
  2. Yesterday up at Lake Kenogami...
  3. Canadian black,
  4. Greg- Was great to see you again this year- Hope you give us another snowshoot report in 2012!! Andrew.
  5. I 've been going to the Quebec Show for the past 3 years- It's a very good show. Always lots going on and the people representing the manufacturers seem to know there stuff.
  6. My daughter's first ever snowmobile outing in early March. Wasn't sure if she would enjoy it, but turns out she loved it. I ended up ordering a Seat Jack that night that she'll be getting for Christmas.
  7. I think I want to go back to school....
  8. I have skipped that river in the past. In the morning going up there was about 6" of water on top of the ice, upon our return in the afternoon there was at least 24" of water on top of ice. Just keep the momentum up and hammer it across. It the riviere St Anne.
  9. From the NBFSC Website- Seasonal Trail Permit $210.00 plus 13% tax ('early bird' price of $155.00 plus 13% tax if purchased on or before Dec. 15th) One Day Trail Permit $35.00 HST included Three Day Trail Permit $75.00 HST included Seven Day Trail Permit $115.00 HST included Family Trail Permits – third and subsequent season permits $75.00 + HST * see details below* Antique Snowmobile Trail Permits – snowmobiles 20 years and older $35.00 + HST * see details below* Classic Snowmobile Trail Permit – Snowmobiles between 10 and 20 years old $80.00 + HST * see details below*
  10. I'm jealous!!Keep us posted with any inside scoops. I hear Cat has new spindles, Yammi has a few more models with power assited steering, Poo has a few new models, and Doo has a new rear skid-
  11. This website has a listing of prices- Some are up to date some not. Regular in Montreal was 1.33 a liter last week,semms to be about 1.29 this weekso far.....
  12. I agree- Was in your neck of the woods on Sunday. Awesome job by your club.
  13. Just as Groomer said- Bring the original sticker and paperwork, along with your new registration. There is a 20$ charge for the transfer. I just swaped one last week. It is preferable to do the swap in the same club as the first pass was issued.
  14. Greg- Was great to meet you. Thanks for taking the time to have a chat. How did ADMQ make out for the final tally for the petition?