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  1. Yes, too close to the road for me as well.
  2. That is an awesome cabin someone has there on the 595! I have slowed down and looked it over a few times.
  3. I have noticed a positive change in areas like Mont Saint Pierre.
  4. One of those pics looked a little bit like Mont Hogsback. Were you that far through the TLR?
  5. This looks like a good way forward. I worked with the provincial snowmobile association in Nova Scotia to develop a new and better groomer equalization fund. It is not an easy task and no, I don't think you can ever make all clubs happy. However data from groomer hours and miles maintained certainly helps level the field for remote and/or smaller clubs with a longer season. Quebec is huge geographically with lots of remote areas with lots of traffic, places like Parent and Murdochville. Neither of these areas have big towns to create big snowmobile clubs or club memberships, but are essential to connect the system as a whole. Online permit sales makes it easier to pick these remote areas and support the smaller clubs.
  6. Was your "friend" the moose and he sent you a selfie?
  7. I like the second picture, cool when you up the shutter speed.
  8. Damn those are some handsome stud piles!!
  9. What's up there JG? Battery dead in the camera? No pictures today!
  10. Manufacturer recommends a shorter period between first and second shots. I am getting my second shot Monday 28 days after the first. 3 mths between shots is just politics, trying to say more people have been vaccinated.
  11. Still quite a bit of snow in places.
  12. The ferry looks to be at the dry dock. The ferry has to get out of there first! LOL
  13. Looks like Tigercat is the most popular.