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  1. Yes, the last time the group I travel with stayed there. 🤣
  2. I wonder if the recommendation for the 3 shot is driven more by the science or by the Earnings Report???
  3. Do they get ATV's ride out of there in the summer like sleds in the winter?
  4. Could have been worse, he is not loaded, and not laying completely in the brook.
  5. Holy!! How did I get volunteered to cut firewood? I would rather sit on the tailgate of the truck, watch you two and sip beer.
  6. I understand, it is a matter of principal. However it would be a sin to miss out on another winter of sledding in PQ. As vaccination percentages increase regulations should decrease. Hopefully.
  7. It is still a good news story. Fingers crossed things don't go sideways for any reason between now and snow!
  8. I sure hope so. The Canadian economy needs American travelers. Quebec city was like a ghost town, I have never seen so few people. Summer or winter the businesses need the masses.
  9. Another picture from Manic 5. Look just to the left of the biggest dome on the top, see the full size school bus? Gives a little perspective of the size.
  10. There was a big truck just pulling in the yard at the sawmill when we drove by today. It had to be 88-90,000kg. We talked about how brutal hot it would have been for you today running a saw, it was 25° in Amqui by 9am. Nice pics as always.
  11. The very first picture no one guessed. It was tricky, the newly renovated Inter-Provincial in Pointe a la Croix.
  12. Hard to fool a professional QuebecRiider! Right on the money Bob!