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  1. Defund the police! 🤪
  2. They could have used a newer sled!
  3. JG is it just me or are you having a much lower snow year than normal? Seems like by mid march you are usually posting pictures with snow banks along side the road tall as houses!
  4. Pulled into customs at A Bay one time. Put the window down and I hear all this noise coming from the trailer. Figured better pull over and check this out after going through. Got out to find this. Tie down bars were good and tight and brakes were on the sleds. Figure must have caught air on a few of the bridges on the 401!
  5. Border wall construction workers are out of a job now.
  6. Someone needs to get in touch with these chaps, grab their equipment and streetview the Quebec trail system for us stuck south of the border this winter! https://goo.gl/maps/RqpqCkojaLBrQw9cA https://goo.gl/maps/RhbtK3sWkSk3NaYE9 https://goo.gl/maps/SjEA9MrDCDgqq4FMA
  7. Make sure to go on Presidents weekend to get full effect!
  8. Looks like you got your wish! Best of luck getting back!
  9. Although I am going to argue that snowmobiling is essential traffic!
  10. Safest place to be is on the trail! #NoCOVID-19ONSNOWMOBILETRAILS!
  11. This is an understatement!
  12. Yeah but how many kids are riding your sled while you sleep?