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  1. Can't you just put a return date that is far out. Then if you decide to return early what's the big deal? Tell them on return the weather crapped out sending u home early.
  2. Yes it's all a farce. My brother's a paramedic. Explain that to him. He just moved a 50 year old patient between ICU wards. Guy had no pre-existing health conditions before covid. Looks like he will survive, but will need a ventilator for the balance of his life as his lungs are toast. He's seen many 30 and 40 year olds dealing with blot clots and the related strokes they cause. Not the 1 in 100,000 from the Astra Zeneca shot. The 1 in 5 for covid patients that get admitted to hospital that this occurs to. Again no pre-existing health issues with the majority of these patients. The media has reported the deaths. What has got far less attention is the folks that survived and are now screwed. Without your health you have nothing. Every government in the developed world got together to create this big conspiracy. Come on. Enough with the rhetoric. Covid has become far too political. Vote for who you want, but how can so many be ignoring scientific fact. This virus kills people or leaves them in very bad shape. Vaccination pretty much stops all of that. Welcome back American snowmobilers. Sorry you still need a covid test, but a small price to pay to get to come play in the north.
  4. Pretty big difference between segregating and discriminating against a population based on race and putting a policy in place to stop the spread of a deadly virus in an effort to save lives. This policy allows those that have chosen to do something about stopping the virus some leeway if we are faced with increased infection levels again and a further lockdown is needed. It doesn't discriminate against people based on items they can't control (sex, race, etc.). We all get to make our own choice and like many things in life there are benefits and / or consequences that come with those choices. You have every right to decide what does and doesn't go into your body. You don't have the right to blindly go around contracting and then passing this disease onto other people who might end up in much worse shape than yourself because of it. This is the world we now live in. Want to cross the border. Probably not happening for a long time without having the shots. If a 4th wave starts those that chose not to get vaccinated and are therefore the ones that the disease is spreading in are going to have to do something to help stop that wave. Unvaccinated people don't have the right to cause suffering and death (even if it is unintentional) in vulnerable populations and in our kids who aren't eligible for vaccines. This is not south Africa and any insinuating that it is is wrong.
  6. Ok mid-week trip it is. That's the info I wanted. Thanks.
  7. How is the traffic in this area on weekends? Do they see major uptick in traffic? Or do most of the riders stay north of the river? I've experienced the mess of riding north east out of Quebec city on a weekend and am trying to avoid that. Just curious if the population typically stays north of the river, or if this area sees major upswing in traffic as well.
  8. Yeah I'd call that great news considering the supply chain issues many manufacturing companies are currently experiencing.
  9. If we've hit 75% with 1st shots why would we think those folks won't show up for their second shot? Yes its voluntary as it should be. Canadians are much more accepting and wanting the shot than our southern neighbors though as can be seen by the vaccination rates so far for 1st shots.
  10. Getting into the summer now. Anyone heard anything on this issue?
  11. Time to find a new source. Gateway pundit???? Really???
  13. True. Those communities did get preferential treatment and first access to vaccines though. So folks that choose to get vaccinated should have had the option by now. I sure hope we're coming to an end. Who knows. Last report I saw had efficacy lower for the india variant, but most vaccines we have still worked. Just not quite as well.
  14. It'll be a condition to cross the border either way. Pretty simple.
  15. They just announced the end of the curfew at the end of May. Restrictions slowly being released as the summer progresses. Looking good for a change.