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  1. Possibly a vaccine passport or some sort of documentation to prove you've been vaccinated. So, you might need to get the shot to ride the greatest Trails on Earth. https://www-wwnytv-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.wwnytv.com/2021/05/16/canada-starts-talks-border-reopening/?amp_gsa=1&amp_js_v=a6&outputType=amp&usqp=mq331AQFKAGwASA%3D#amp_tf=From %1%24s&aoh=16212574411388&csi=0&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.wwnytv.com%2F2021%2F05%2F16%2Fcanada-starts-talks-border-reopening%2F
  2. Great photos, looks like the moose doesn't want his picture taken.
  3. I've always wondered how that worked, there are so many variables to make it fair for every Club
  4. Yep, I remember Teddy. You had to make a complete stop at the stop sign and then count to 5, otherwise he would pull you over and give you a ticket.
  5. 0.6, went around my house a few times 🤤
  6. Yes, I texted him today, he was wearing the Tek vest.
  7. She's definitely in for a treat! Tell her next time she'll see Mont St Pierre and the Perce rock.
  8. I wonder if the Canadian government gives PPP loans to all these businesses that are hurting? Not that it's enough but anything helps.
  9. 5 broken ribs and he was wearing a tek vest, I'm sure that vest saved his life.
  10. Wow, hope he's okay!