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  1. Hopefully the border will be open by then
  2. Legally, all you need to enter Canada is some sort of photo ID. It's entering the US that a Passport/Nexus card is required.
  3. Can't comment on some of the routes mentioned but your Mapquest route - once on 95 you have a four lane highway right into RDL
  4. All you need to enter Canada is a simple photo id. It's the return to the US where Passport/Nexus card/ Enhanced DL is needed.
  5. The going inside to pay thing is often a security feature. It usually occurs when you've used the same card twice or more on the same day. The pump doesn't take it forcing you inside where your identity can be verified if need be. At least that's what I've been told.
  6. Bill, Could you provide more detail? Is the problem with them coming off the rails and causing too much dust or hitting something while on the rails? I use them too and have not had a problem to date. I use the duraflex and they stay on the rails fine.
  7. A passport is not a legal requirement to enter Canada. Photo id will suffice. The passport or nexus card is a requirement to enter the US even for citizens.
  8. I ordered a battery pac a couple of weeks ago and it arrived two days later via courier. I live in Canada so no customs involved but it's good to know that Collette is attending to business in a timely fashion.
  9. What has happened to Rob in Vermont? (Rob Lyons) I remember reading and enjoying Rob's posts from way back in days of the newsgroup RSS through HCS to when he started this board. His descriptions of Quebec trips and associated pictures were always fun to read and view. Haven't seen a post from him for some time. Has he left sledding or am I not reading the right posts?
  10. In Ontario if ethanol is used a yellow sticker will be displayed on the pump saying "may contain up to 10% ethanol" If no sticker - no ethanol. Can't say about Quebec
  11. I always enjoyed them too. Add me to the petition.
  12. Sorry Bill, I should have kept quiet but just couldn't resist. As you say, each state in the USA has it's own pass just as each province in Canada. But some seem to believe that Canada is some quaint little place up north instead of the second largest country (land mass) in the world. I'll behave in future.
  13. I,too, would like to obtain a trail pass for Canada. I live in Ontario so need a pass for there and when I travel in Quebec I need one also for Quebec. If I could get one of these for Canada it would be a lot easier. Do they have a trail pass for the United States?