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  1. Hay MIke! Will be getting in Sat . afternoon , hope to see you then!
  2. My deepest sympathies to you on the loss of your father.
  3. How many miles from St Ray. to Delta? Going to head that way 2/18 . Thanks Bruce
  4. Does the Auberge Gouverneur have secure parking? Like to have restaurant in hotel ! Thanks Bruce
  5. MrGutz. How to we get this in English? Thanks Bruce
  6. Got my renewal today but already paid for it on Oct 18 2017! I was early.
  7. Yes! I have always set them at 0 , that what the instructions say.
  8. Just a guess 1/4 mile or so. Norton is also bout 1/4 mile or so too! Have crossed both with out wheels before.
  9. I've crossed the border lot's of times in Derby. I have wheels on the ski's . They work great any time you have to run some blacktop.