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  1. That's why exactly why France is in deep do do and now in its 3rd complete lock down, manly thanks to the EU ... with hospital swamped.
  2. Condolences Jim , very sad news indeed..
  3. Quick up date, just had a message from JD . Bill is now been moved into the surgical ward he is still on oxygen but is making good progress and getting out of bed .She is hoping they will let him out of hospital for this next weekend . So fingers crossed 👍 Great news we've just heard Bill should be discharged some time today.... so let's hope so 🤞🤞🤞
  4. Zero miles for us, including air miles lol .. hope everyone has a good and safe summer, and looking forward to seeing the usual gang in the delta lobby next February..
  5. Ok found out a bit more, the accident happened some time yesterday he's broken 5 ribs and is comfortable in hospital.. we don't know what happened, but the guy's he was riding with are recovering the sled today.. yer Pipeman we passed on everyone's thoughts and prayers to JD . Who is unable to be with bill in hospital because of this covid thing.. I know 182ray is in contact with her and ready to travel up to help.. so let's hope he's on the mend soon ..
  6. We just heard some shocking news, Bill has been in an accident, all I know at moment is he is in a hospital in Bangor main with suspected broken ribs..
  7. Not long till the new gym and pool open. Looks fantastic.
  8. Yer we were told the same Don , no sleds at delta....😞😞😞
  9. Yer just seen this on Facebook .. hopefully there'll find him with a positive result..
  10. We love the sugar shack . We were once lucky enough to get a tour of the maple syrup factory out back with saguenay bill , it's usually one of our first rides after picking up our sleds from the dealer... so sad we won't be visiting this year...
  11. Thanks for sharing Alain, love riding along with you guy's.. enjoy and stay safe..
  12. Happy and healthy New year too everyone.. be safe and take care.... think snow.
  13. Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a safe and happy New year... from across the pond.. hopefully we can all ride in paradise in 2022...