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  1. No miles this year. Getting my second shot tomorrow. Mrs GT is done. I will be going to Maine if the boarder is closed next year. My Brother in law passed from COVID a month ago today. It has been very tough on my sister. They were married 33 years.
  2. Super nice Ice. Thanks for the ride along. Always fun to read about your trips. You bring us right there. Have a great off season.
  3. Prayers and best wishes for Bill & JD. Get well soon.
  4. 69 degrees today 🤢. So nice to see the trail. Go Team Ice!!!
  5. I installed a fuse box (30 AMP) connected to the battery. When the machine starts the accessories (GPS, Lights, Winch, Mrs GT stuff) get power. It has worked great for the 2 seasons so far. I can give you the info when I get home. We do not use the heated seat. If it is snowing you will be on a wet seat.
  6. Thanks again for the ride! Mrs GT uses the insoles and gloves with the duel heat control. Best of luck with the new machine.
  7. That is the last restaurant we sat down in. 1 year ago last Friday. Have a great run!!
  8. I knew that looked familiar. Jak's is on the other side.
  9. Thanks JG. Looks like a great time out on the trail. Your photos are beautiful as all ways.
  10. Hi Alain, Congratulations on your new ride. With time you will get it to both of your liking. Thanks for taking us for the ride. We like to see you out enjoying the trails.
  11. Thanks for the ride Mr & Mrs Ice. Very happy to see you get out on the trails. I sure hope we get back next season. I got my first shot last week. Mrs GT finished both last month.
  12. Go get it Don! It's 62 in NYC. Looking forward to your report.
  13. Thank you for the beautiful ride along. Fantastic conditions!
  14. Just looking at this post thinking where am I. This day would be the first day on the trail of our yearly 2 week trip. Hard to believe its coming up on a year dealing with this. Lets hope things change for the better soon. 2007 in Mauricie.