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  1. sounds like a real adventure. Nice to see the mid-winter pictures. Time to start planning for next year!
  2. The Fairmont hotel was empty Friday night. It is usually packed. Assume it was due to the casino closing and not the snow Friday.
  3. We crossed yesterday at Derby/Stanstead. They asked if we traveled outside NorthAmerica recently. No problem crossing.
  4. We heard that. Government ordered. Closed because of concerns over the virus.
  5. Tons of snow up here if you are thinking of a last ride. Snow everywhere. Mid-winter in Valin with feet of snow. Around a foot of heavy wet snow at La Malbaie when we returned yesterday. Russ and Pam
  6. Is TQ3 fully open between Tadoussac and La Malbaie? Though there was an issue/closure earlier in the year near Saint Simeon. Headed up Saturday for a week. Appreciate any info. Russ and Pam
  7. The iMotoneige app is showing gas options for you. Great app with a lot of info. Recommend you download it if you don’t have it.
  8. Is this stretch of trail fully open? I read earlier that there was a landowner issue near San Simeon. Headed up Saturday for a week. Russ and Pam
  9. We always make reservations so we know there is a room waiting for us. Pam and Russ
  10. You said you’ll start from Matane and we did that last year and spent 6 days on the peninsula. We normally start at Rivière du Loup at the Universel. If you start in Matane you can do a hybrid of this. Day 1-Rivière du Loup to Matane at the Riotel. Day 2-in Mont St Pierre (both motels are similar). Day 3 Chandler at the Motel Chandler via the 597 (that is a quick day so you would have time to go to Perce and see the rock). Day 4-New Richmond via the 597 north to the Chic Choc trail and the 595 south to the Francis. Day 5-Amqui (either the Selectotel or L’Ambassadeur). Day 6- Rivière du Loup. The 597 has a gorge below Murdochville which is nice. The Chic Choc trail is a favorite of ours. We avoid 5 between Grand Valle and Perce because we have run into huge bumps both times we did it. The Gaspe is great. We have been up there 8 times.
  11. Great to see mikerider yesterday. Thanks for the suggestion to cross the Massif du Sud park. We ended up doing it. Great views! Pam and Russ