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  1. 4500 miles. Most of it in Vermont. About 500 miles in adirondacks. 500 miles on tug hill and 500 miles in central New York south of I-90. Had a good time but my snowmobile track, slides, carbides, and suspension got a real workout compared to riding in quebec.
  2. Thanks for the info, Tom. Another ride would be fun. Alain
  3. I've been buying my pass from Bill for years, but I cannot find the link on Quebec rider. Someone mentioned he's on facebook, but I am not. Does anyone know how I can find a link for buying a pass from him.
  4. Hi pipeman, I agree the trails were great . We were the 5 riders following you on the pelchat trail
  5. Extras include Skid plate, 1.25" ice ripper track, upper and lower a arm braces, s module brace. 1500 miles since shocks and skid were serviced excellent cond. Transferable B.E.S.T. warranty good until Nov. 2018. 6,600 miles. No trades. $6195. Call 518 312-2087
  6. Myself and two others rode this trail last year. We started from the Carlton end of the trail and rode to La Cache. Once we reached the portion of the trail that is shown in dotted on the map, the trail was no longer groomed. For a while it was a bumpy single track with brush hanging over the trail. It eventually got wider but still not groomed. Not marked very well either. There were numerous trails intersecting with sled tracks on them. Probably locals. I used my GPS to keep us going in the correct direction. We were happy when we finally reached Trail 595. I do not know if it is rideable this year.
  7. I transfer multiple maps to my gps from my pc using mapsource or basecamp. If you have multiple maps loaded on your gps, your gps should have a menu where you can see the list of maps with a checkbox next to them allowing you to select or deselect individual maps. In order for the map you want to use to operate properly you have to select it on your gps list of maps and deselect all other maps.
  8. You can purchase gps trailmasters snowmobile New England. Their GPS maps cover Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine and I believe new York also.
  9. Jack, Thanks for the info. Alain
  10. Hi Tom, Yes, 6 in our group. Starting from Bernieres for 4 day saddle bag trip
  11. Ok it is working. Apparently 2 versions of 2017 v900 was transferred to my gps, and I had only 1 activated on the gps.
  12. I also downloaded the latest version today. Trail Colors are fine in mapsource, but all trails are gray on gps. Leaving for Quebec tomorrow. If anyone has a solution, please let me know
  13. Hi Tom, Yes, I know you always ride high miles on your trips from reading your posts. You cover some ground in a hurry on that yammie.. Just one brother with me on this trip. I bought a 2015 600 etec Renegade X last year. This trip I was riding my 2013 600 etec Renegade X. The same machine I had when we rode together. It now has 13,000 miles but only 2,000 on a new short block. Alain
  14. Day 1 , Jan 25th, Tuesday - We started from Berniers Motel on Tuesday at 8am. We were a group of seven. two XRS 800's, one 1200 renegade X, Two 600etec renegade X's, one 600etec XRS and one artic cat 600. #75 to #35 was thin snow cover, bumpy, with icy corners in the woods. The fields sections were smoother with better snow coverage. #35 had better snow Coverage. #547 to #55 east was also thin coverage, icy, and bumpy. From # 55 on was groomed with plenty of snow. One of the 800 XRS's started vibrating badly. It had two broken motor mounts. He backed off the throttle a little and we continued on to #35 east to # 526 North. Although our destination was Riviere-Du-Loop the trails were so nice and we were having fun so we turned right onto #85 and rode to #544 north until we arrived at the . Then turned around rode it in reverse back to #526 and continued on to Hotel Universal. Arrived at 6:30pm with 305 miles. Day 2, Jan 26th, Wednesday - At breakfast the rider with the broken motor mounts decided he was going to the Skidoo dealer to try and get the 800XRS repaired. His roommate, the other 800XRS rider, was too sore and beat up to come to breakfast. It was his first ride of the season. They were going to keep in touch by texting and possibly meet up with us later. We left at 8:30am on #526 to the orange trail that takes you to #544 east Trail was groomed with a few inches of fresh snow on top. We were putting first tracks down. 30 miles in the check engine light came on the 2016 600etec Renegade X. He said the rave valve was stuck. He had been to his local dealer twice with the same problem. The next village we passed thru had a gas station with a heated garage. The attendant let us use the garage to take the rave valves out. He even loaned us some tools. It took about 2 hours to get them out, clean them and reassemble. Back on the trail 11am to #571. Then #5 east to #579 and #587 to Amqui. All the trails today were a 10. Arrived at the Selecthotel at 6:00PM with 225 miles. Day 3, Jan 27th Thursday - Started at 7am heading south on #5 towards Causapscal. turned onto #587S about 9 miles before Causapscal. I've been on this trail before, but never when the conditions were this good. It was fresh groomed with tons of snow. The trees were covered in snow. This trail is 84 miles long and intersects with #5 at the end. If you like twisty trails with at lot of elevation changes this trail one of the best. When we intersected with #5 we turned left and headed north to just past where we started #587. turned onto an orange trail that took us to #5 ust east of Pointe-a -la-Croix. Continued on #5 west to #587N near Amqui. #587N to #579N to #5 west. Stayed on # 5 west to #529 to Riviere -Du-Loop. The artic cat barely made to the gas station at 122miles. The 1200 Renegade X ran out 100 ft from the pump. Pulled into hotel Levesque at 7:30pm with 405 miles. Day 4, Jan 28th Friday- Left at 8:30am. on #526 to #35. 16 miles out my brother on the 1200 renegade X realized he had left his phone in the room so he went back to retrieve it. The rest of us continued on to the relais at the intersection of #526 and #35 and waited for him there. Continued on #35 east until I made a mistake and was on # 561N. continued to # 5 west. #5 west was thin coverage and icy all the way to #557. Turned South on #557 to #55. These trails were great. Continued on #55 to #75 . Once past #35 intersection on #75 towards bernierns the trails were even thinner and icier then when we left on Tuesday. It was dark and the leader went over an embankment leading down to a creek crossing the was no longer frozen. He braked but then pinned it and rode across the open water. Everyone else behind hit the brakes. The artic cat which had no studs at all went sideways, tipped over and ejected the rider. The sled and sled and rider were fine. We all crossed one at a time. No big deal. It was only about 20' to the other side. Two other riders showed up just as we crossed. We decided to watch them cross. One did, but the other one could not make up his mind, so we continued on to Berniers. arrived at 7:00 PM with 300 miles. 1232 miles total All the trails were great with the exception of about 50 miles from Berniers Hotel. The rider that had the problem with the rave valve lives near Utica, NY and normally rides Tug Hill, Old Forge and the adirondacks. He is an experienced rider but he had never been to Canada before or been on a saddlebag trip. He was amazed at the quality and quantity of trails were you can ride thousands of miles thru cities and towns and with the hospitality we experienced in Quebec