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  1. And please don't blame me for any (additional) insomnia you may experience... The cure is clear: 200 Miles of freshly surfaced Quebec'ness
  2. How long ago were we energy-independent, wasn't it like just days?
  3. Refugees "from" or "to" instability & Socialism & Oppression & Racism?!
  4. "High tide lifts all ships...low tide exposes all wrecks"
  5. Yep, like another artist gent we appreciate in Gaspésie, we also had our eyes opened to this by Pierre Coulombe (owner of the former Yammi shop) in Mont-St-Pierre. He's always been a fanatic about his local club & trails with a passion for delighting folks passing thru, from building reroutes with better views, to smoothie-smooth surfacing (on butt-puckery cliffs w/switchbacks). But just like Causapscal, riders are "passing thru" on these vital connectors, and not buying their passes from these small club's with small memberships & light on funds.
  6. "I've seen it a hundred times"...
  7. Kinda brand-loyal here too
  8. Ya got me! Read that three times! (God save the Queen)
  9. Vaxhole: A person who intentionally gloats or brags about their vaccination status in order to signal to others their moral superiority. "Two weeks after the second shot and that vaxhole is posting selfies from a Cancun bar"
  10. Waiting too long between can cause the antibodies from the first poke to neutralize. Brilliant (for gov to prolong their control over the public's suffering).
  11. yaaa...nice when big !!! Was thinking "that's what she said", but always looking to keep the site family-friendly/rated-PG, so NEVER MIND! Thanks always for the awesome pics!
  12. Thanks for sharing. Don't need it for hole-shot radar-runs. And HOPEFULLY don't need air-time reentry dampening. But I like where that's going. Hear ya. Was a shame for sure. '18 XTX preorders being our last hurrah. Nuthin's wrong with the '13 w/20k mi, still fun as hell. And, y'know, they were innovating with the one-ton right up to the end: Anyway, thanks again & ENJOY the 'Gade!
  13. Until I realized what the abbreviation for "thanks in advance" was, I went searching for meaning, and thank goodness this logical "brain fuel filter" explanation for asking Bob to ship beer elsewhere is NOT applicable here!... What Is a TIA? From head to toe, your blood delivers oxygen to every part of your body. Your cells need it to survive. If your blood flow gets blocked anywhere, it can bring trouble. One serious effect is a problem called a transient ischemic attack, or TIA for short. TIAs are short and won't cause lasting damage. TIAs typically happen because a blood clot gets lodged in an artery that supplies blood to the brain. Without regular blood flow, your brain is starved for oxygen and can't work like it normally does. That's why you get symptoms like muscle weakness or slurred speech. It would be like having a clogged fuel line in your car. Your engine can't run if it's not getting gas.