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  1. Yes the 595 was my favorite trail once I discovered the Gaspie 25 years ago. Have a Great trip !
  2. Got to luv "" to be continued ""
  3. Keep Pasting those Team stickers !
  4. Where you at Wednesday night Matane Quality inn ?
  5. The way I see it they offer two models. Both are made for more or less off trail. Say goodbye to Mauricie trail system !
  6. hopefully the bowling alley won't be closed
  7. Assuming you are running a sea sled before consuming that beverage Playhard ?
  8. While my Doo's are quarantined in QC. The team is trying to get by on the JD here in western mass.
  9. Nice build Buddy ! I am sure that pandemic face mask came in handy cutting that composite decking !
  10. My advise to all sledders if you are having darting problems most likely I believe 95 percentile its due to Suspension not tuned properly. Consider all the advancement and technology put into late model stock skies and skegs. Just saying I have logged over 80K miles in Quebec since 1990. Tuned suspension in 14 new DOO s and one Yamaha Viper 2002 over that time resolved any darting issues. Yes I did replace the steel skies in the mid 90 s with plastic aftermarket set. All years there after all stock skegs with 6" carbides instead of the 4" stock. Correct when the pilot ski stock on my 2004 GSX was first introduced it was similar to the simmons, though I never purchased simmons have tried them on other sleds. My experience with the pilots then had no ski pressure like the simmons. Bergstrom Skegs I tried for Sh#ts and giggles. They are fun, but no necessary !
  11. Still in denial. My 2 Sleds are still in Quebec waiting for me !
  12. Ran the Bergstrom skegs triple points 6" carbide this past season on my BCX Gen 4, Pilot DS-2 skies . 100 percent haul ass straight and stick it to the right set up !
  13. Not sure myself how many miles. Did three solid weeks with the forth dashed by the pandemic. 3-4 K MILES Have a real HAPPY PLACE to go to on the off season. Last day of touring Cote Nord trip #3 left did 2 hour morning 80 mile trip end run on fresh crisp White asphalt groomed trail. Weather was blue sky not too cold not too warm. Cruising 80-90 mph elevated terrain with sweeping corners. Priceless memory of the site of real estate go by and the tune of the 850 Rotax singing " This is sledding " Happy sledding Happy Life to all. Be safe in the off season !
  14. Thats nothing. Myself and ICEMAN when we were on trip to Cote Nord we noticed a women on ridding on grommed FCMQ trail no helmet youngon in front and back of her. On the maximum wrong side of trail on corners ! NO BS ! Radioed to Don where is NH Moose with the helmet cam.