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  1. I always said (from day one) the only way i'm getting jabbed is if it is mandated to get into Canada. I 'll wait and see what December 1st brings Again, to each their own
  2. Bob, order 3 cases please. Have one sent to your house and the other two to mine please. TIA
  3. 720 for me all in New York. Lowest (by far) in the last 25 yrs. Would have got a grand in but the chain case blew up. Surprisingly most were really good miles. Almost forgot what its like riding in NY. Looking forward to December !!!
  4. Sad Hmmm.......1.2 million Canadian divided by ... LOL....(2.50+ litre at pump), lots of snowmobilers....always booked.......I could......NAH FORGETABOUTIT
  5. Your not kidding there !! I'm still thankful everyday for being able to do what I did. This year.....makes me appreciate it that much more so. I also have much more appreciation for what it takes to join the elusive 10K club. Among the many other things, (luck, luck and more luck) time and money alone will kill you LOL ( 3 grand ++ just for gas in the sled) How that Jim Jameson guy did twice that in one season is still something I cant get a grip on. Have recently had the wheels spinning in my head about Christmas/New Years week coming this December. Visiting my friends from Waswanapi at their camp in Miquelon on New Years eve (again) might just be in order.
  6. While we were at the Central we met Jeffrey Lebowski aka "The DUDE".......... well.....not the REAL Jeffrey Lebowski but this guy damn sure came close. Here my buddy , also Jeffrey posing with a pic of him.
  7. Hey Wes, yes your right about the hose. Right near the club shack. Had some drinks and told lies at Faillon. Here is a year ago today at 4pm. My buddy and I left there to go spend our last night in Quebec with Jean-Guy at Haltaparche for the night.
  8. Jesus, Mary & Joseph thats about the saddest thing I’ve heard in quite sometime. May God Bless him and his family. And you too Ice. Very sad
  9. A year ago today in between Haltaparche and Parent at 12:05 p.m. It was just groomed by my friend Tony last night/this morning from Parent to Wemo What I would give to be there right now.............. And I would be willing to looked JUST like it did last year as it does today.
  10. Congrats on the awesome ride and new sled mon ami !!! You wont regret changing over to Skidoo (I hope ..LOL) was wondering what you did with the "old girl" (Yamaha). Did you keep her or sell/trade it in. Very curious what a sled of that age and mileage would bring in. I'm guessing a lot less than it's true value.
  11. Took this pic at 2:16 p.m. on 2/25/2020 next pic was at 3:01 p.m. at gas pump at Lac Failon My how things have changed....LOL beloved 1200 Enduro that survived 10K plus last year blew a chain case on Tug Hill a couple weekends ago I got a whopping 720 (mostly super good miles on this year) Wasn't the chain case's fault. Upon tearing into it at home i knew what went wrong before I got it open. At the top of the case on the backside is a molded place where a bolt and nyloc goes thru. It has an aluminum bar that comes down at a 45 degree from the pyramid and a black one that comes horizontally across and ties everything in. I could see where the nyloc was but it and the bolt were gone and the support bars were just floating like a fart in the wind. I was hammering some 12 inch Tug Hill moguls a little too hard I guess right when it happened. She is gonna get a serious maintenance smackdown this summer and WILL be ready to go in December. Hopefully in Quebec !!!! Hope everyone had the best season possible given the state of the world.
  12. LOVE IT Schooter !!!! GREAT pic and maybe one of only a small handful of Americans who laid a track down on Canadian snow in 2021
  13. Did the mysterious American sled have a 2021 QC trail pass/sticker???? If so there is at least FCMQ liability insurance. If not.........probably has none. !
  14. Low snow there in that pick. Most of the ones I have of there have 4+ ft on the roof...LOL
  15. Not all of us get to live in Disney Land Ice !!!! Hope all is well !!!