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  1. Snowtrax just released a sneak peak for 2022. Yamaha motor, Polaris front end, Ski Doo tail end, clutches of your choice and is also available in green just in case you felt left out. Options include a new M-80 rear suspension. (I heard it really pops) Lynx decals. Danny ditchbanger handlebars. Johnny stand up windshield. Same company also has a new Nitrogen helmet, boasting that it fogs up instantly with or without glasses. If the border opens up by December they are offering group tours out of the Cabanon that start with a minimum of 500 people
  2. Pretty cool shot of the beaver just after a tail slap. You can see the water splash in the air. I can’t wait for the border to open up, I am patiently waiting to go out on the “cote a cote” for a nice logging road cruise. How far are the places you ride from RDL?
  3. Flat tire? I see you are well prepared. I always assumed you were ready for “contingencies” in the woods. Shit happens
  4. Tabarouette...I hope air traffic control had a lot of coffee to keep up....
  5. If you get the FA Gauthier version of the poutine, does it give you a “sinking” feeling?....😂 At least you can go to the cantine. My favorite Chez Lolo in Lacolle has been out of my reach since last March. The US version just doesn’t cut it for me.
  6. Friend once told me: “I had a number of barrels of oil with my name on them when I was born, if you don’t want to use all of yours, I can help you out!”
  7. La question est: how many grosse poutines extra frontage? 😂
  8. Yes that is Wayne’s new place. He treats us well. He said spring snow check was crazy this year.
  9. Funny, that’s my dealer in Malone. I thought I recognized the parking lot.
  10. I understand the frustration of a petty offense ending with a money grab fine, but if you can afford an $18k sled you can obviously afford a $200 ticket. Pay it and stop whining. Lesson learned, don’t ride in Pittsburg. There was a local cop in island pond VT that used to do the same thing. Write a ticket for something everybody did while coming into town to spend money locally on tourism. Foolish I know but it worked for him. In the end the long arm of the law will always win, right or wrong.
  11. Hi Mike, sweet wrap. 3 hours from Stanstead would put you in St Raymond. The place to stay is the Roquemont. I consider it safe. From there you could go to L’Etape and back one day. La Tuque and back the next day. Day 3 would be your choice. I know you said basecamp for the first time, but if you felt like it you could go to the Saguenay day one and base camp 2 days there. It’s 180 miles from the Roquemont to the Saguenay region straight up 23. Plenty of options to stay up there. Most use the Delta. George
  12. If you leave the stackable can in your trailer all summer it expands and you can squeeze in an extra half gallon...😂
  13. Agreed. Don’t make it the juiciest target is step 1
  14. Locks are for honest people. Have you ever seen a pair of bolt cutters in action? I lost a key a few weeks ago. I scared myself how easily the lock cut. It was like a hot knife going through butter. Much quicker and considerably quieter than a grinder/ hacksaw
  15. Great. Let them think that. Less traffic on the trails for us. I mean it sucks yes. After 2 or 3 seasons I would let them take my sled. Dump the high mileage sled get the insurance and buy a new one. Voila... back in St. Donut the next week driving a new XRS looking to cruise across Lac Archambault.