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  1. Awesome shots as per usual. Merci JG. I like the water pics. That is quite the attachment on the first one.
  2. They all say that. How many sleds have you sold that were registered in NY? I have sold 6 of them. Merci beaucoup
  3. You have a NY registration so you are all set. When you sell a NY sled, the registration is the title. The only thing the next owner needs to go along with the registration that you have signed on the back side is a bill of sale.
  4. AWESOME grosse poutine extra fromage chez Lolo here I come.
  5. Sounds like the border might open before Labor Day…. Fingers crossed 🤞 JG I can bring you a leather chair with off road tires to take breaks on.
  6. Great shot of Manic 5. Thanks for posting, I enjoyed the virtual road trip. I am hoping the border opens up soon. Maybe sometime after Labor Day?
  7. Hi Linda. Maybe the Riotel in Percé? I have not stayed there. It is ocean front with a view of the rock. When I stayed in mont st Pierre most of the places were summer only and looked a little run down. The Francis in New Richmond was very nice, nowhere near the shore though. How come we haven’t seen any pictures lately? Maybe I need to join the 21st century and check out the FB version? Bill tells me that’s where some of the action is nowadays. cheers George
  8. the only negative point.....they are going to harvest where i was doing my firewood...if not ....they ll be very close...they ll go out by the 16 miles rd Just put some orange flagging tape around some trees and leave a note that says: “SVP be pas couper ici”. hey you never know….lol
  9. Perfect. I will call you later so we can talk about it. 😂
  10. Did you bring your quarters to the old telephone booth? Lol
  11. Hi Mike, I know what you mean about the experience, however I would rather eat my lunch on the front porch at Kanawata than inside the spot at Kocadjo. That lady was