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  1. Ive followed all CDC rules to a T thru this mess for over a year. Im vaccinated. Im for it. Got it in January. Fast forward now 97% hospitalized the last few month are not vaccinated. Common sense says Im not going to die even *if* I got the virus. They are not “following the science” in Washington. Its political. They expect us to blindly follow their lies. They twist facts to scare those who dont listen to varying sources of information. I think for myself. Im done with masks. Im living my life. No apologies. Another great Maine sledding season coming up. Cant wait to see everyone there !
  2. It needs to be much less BS before this vaccinated household crosses. Its insulting. We dont even want to support a basic and free ID to vote for President here. Ha ha. Joking aside……Geez. Caribou here I come I think…….
  3. We have a RV so I get email links often relating to that. Interesting……. https://campersmarts.com/crossing-the-canadian-border-in-an-rv
  4. Cool clubhouse with food/drinks in Beauceville….
  5. New Brunswick announced it will be opening the Maine border..... ....positive news.
  6. Life goes by whether we live it or not....so live it up. Makes good sense to me. 🙂
  7. The politicians only ever imagined with glee a time when they could have this much control over the people, and here we are. Masks outside are foolish for example. Shots in arms situation is great. The vaccine is amazing beyond hopes. Those who want it got it. Lets move on with life. There is always risks no matter what....when you live life. Lets go back to living.
  8. Did Jack and Sandy ride this winter ? Miss Jacks ride reports !
  9. If it were me the check would already be in the mail. Not worth the potential grief down the road. If it were $2000 it is different. Bottom line...Lesson learned about NH.
  10. Lisa and I rode 100% Maine and had great conditions luckily. Ended up at 1400 trouble free miles...tons of smiles...and we left wanting more.
  11. Wow. Life changes fast sometimes. Enjoy every sandwich. ....wishing Dave and family all the best. Seems like a good shit. Sad to see this happen. If you hear of a family fund getting set up at some point please post it up.
  12. Looks great out there ! Thanks for the pics.
  13. I didnt see the locked pen last year.
  14. Anything changed at Universel ?