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  1. Life goes by whether we live it or not....so live it up. Makes good sense to me. 🙂
  2. The politicians only ever imagined with glee a time when they could have this much control over the people, and here we are. Masks outside are foolish for example. Shots in arms situation is great. The vaccine is amazing beyond hopes. Those who want it got it. Lets move on with life. There is always risks no matter what....when you live life. Lets go back to living.
  3. Did Jack and Sandy ride this winter ? Miss Jacks ride reports !
  4. If it were me the check would already be in the mail. Not worth the potential grief down the road. If it were $2000 it is different. Bottom line...Lesson learned about NH.
  5. Lisa and I rode 100% Maine and had great conditions luckily. Ended up at 1400 trouble free miles...tons of smiles...and we left wanting more.
  6. Wow. Life changes fast sometimes. Enjoy every sandwich. ....wishing Dave and family all the best. Seems like a good shit. Sad to see this happen. If you hear of a family fund getting set up at some point please post it up.
  7. Looks great out there ! Thanks for the pics.
  8. I didnt see the locked pen last year.
  9. Anything changed at Universel ?
  10. Mike Nice to see you rented the hot rod again. Sounds fun ! Great pics. What do they get to rent those ? Mark
  11. Bummer. I avoid Greenville. Trails around there are both quiet and awesomely groomed....occasionally. 😉 My roughest trail this season I hit was Greenville to Kokadjo....and there was very few rough ones luckily.
  12. Enjoy Mike ! Look forward to hearing the adventures this week !
  13. Mid terms will be a day of reckoning if there is any justice or patriotism left in America. They can be stopped cold with this insanity.
  14. Tuesdays drive up was wild. A 15 car pile up on rt 1 north of Houlton....cleared but stop and go...couldnt see from snow blowing...3 times hit closed roads there to Caribou. Worth every minute of it. Cold temps have the trails set up nice. Best all year. Grooming conditions are good...so the trails are staying together pretty well. Went to the Allagash to Lakeview and back W. Went to Libbys and back Th. Both days 200 miles on the button oddly. Great fun. Today kept it short....border trail to Long Lake Sportsman and back. Around 115. Super fun day. Mike...if the temps dont crush ot get up another 90 minutes above Milly and try it. 🙂