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  1. Pfizer Vaccine Protection Wanes After 6 Months: Study (
  2. This. Unless you lived it, or treated it, you really don't understand what's going on. Sensationalism and data picking on both sides.
  3. Been there many times. Love the bar. Went there about 7 years ago with 10 guys. They said we had no reservation, our guy who books the room had the date wrong and we were actually supposed to be there the next day. They had no rooms as a hockey tournament was in town. It was a mad scramble to find places to sleep for 10 guys. Ended up staying in this complete dive, slept with my riding gear on it was so bad. LOL
  4. So here is the deal. Just spoke to my daughter. She says the focus has shifted. With Trump it was catch people at the border and prosecute them as illegal entry into the US. Now with Biden the focus is infiltration into Mexico to stop them there, before they get to the border. They are going after the cartels, because everyone who tries to come into the US, must pay the cartel for the "right" to try and enter. Border agents are releasing, but recording, those that they detain at the border if they are just trying to get in the US and have no prior criminal record. If the agent finds they have a prior criminal record, they are being arrested and detained for prosecution by her office. So in total her number of cases for prosecution of illegal entry has gone way down.
  5. Well it is interesting. She won't answer me, LOL. She is a total liberal, even has a picture of herself with Hillary Clinton. I make Sean Hannity look left wing. When Trump won the presidency she threatened my wife not to come home for Christmas if I was gonna rub it in. My wife told her to stay away then. My text reads " Hey Nik. Some people are asking what has happened with immigration cases since Biden is in office? Have they gone up? What's your take?" If she answers I will post here.
  6. My daughter is a federal prosecutor on the border in Brownsville Texas. Went and saw her 2 years ago in court handling the immigration cases. 300 cases a week her office handles. Each prosecutor has their own specialty, hers is human trafficking, child porn, etc. But all prosecutors do immigration cases as part of their duties. When I was their she did 14 cases which was the smallest group all year. First offense you get deported. Second offense you get 7 days in jail, then deported, and gets ramped up from there. If you don't have prior criminal offenses.
  7. What's the matter bro, don't like the facts, so that's all you got.
  8. Guaranteed I've ridden more in Quebec than just about everyone here. Nice try though, now that you wanna make it personal. I don't even know what a contributing member is, you know, too busy treating people with Covid, but will look into it
  9. It's Hydroxychloroquine, AKA plaquenil, and it is banned in our hospital system for use in Covid, as it is in most hospital systems. Sorry, it just doesn't work. May wanna jump off the Trump train on this one, and I loved the guy. Nobody in the hospital setting would use Ivermectin for Covid, although not banned yet. Stop acting like you know everything. You're clearly out of your league. Your choice not to get vaccinated, I support freedom of choice. World Covid death rate 4 million, and if I believe you, 5k deaths from the vaccine and nearly 2 billion have received their first shot. I like those odds.
  10. I just hope they don't track me with that device that was in the vaccine to see when i'm in Chibougamau. While you're sitting at home, bummer.
  11. And the 170 million or so who got vaccinated, cannot. Hmmmm interesting, those who think they're smarter than the rest of us, especially those of us who practice medicine and got transferred to ICU to help. If you have never been in an ICU setting and seen the difference pre-covid, to during covid, you have no idea what you're talking about, so keep your head in the sand.
  12. Smart and informed. Hmmmm, interesting.
  13. I hear ya Bob. Gotta love these dopes who claim every unrelated statistic for not getting vaccinated. Just saw a lady yesterday at a gas station convenience store. Wearing an N95 mask, a regular mask over that, latex gloves, and coming out of the store holding 3 packs of smokes. Gets in her car, windows up and lights a cig. She was so concerned for her health to wear all the PPE, but walks out of a store carrying 3 packs of smokes. Just plain dumb, same applies to those who refuse to get vaccinated, but hey I believe in freedom of choice more, so have at it.
  14. What sled did you order, that is in?